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Peering Through The Mist

Peering through the mist, to see what I could see,

Mind caught between the barren land and gray cast sky,

The state of equilibrium clattering making chaos,

Thunder lightning generating thoughts,

Listening to the dripping of rain drops,

What all can be done, and provoking thoughts,

On instability, bigotry, lies and hates

I’m uncertain, is it dark clouds of ignorance brought it all?

On the edge of sanity,

I hold on to the string of force in tranquility,

On the frost window pane of thoughts,

I portray how the world is shrouded with illusions and gets worse,

How humans are confined not to see beyond the wall of fake pride,

As we commend justice and peace, yet we slay it per diem with lies and hate,

We commend love and equality, yet we let prejudice breed and let us segregate.

Sometimes, it’s good to know

Sometimes, it is good to know how others perceive you or to know what the people who know you thinks about you because that may means that’s how you reflect yourself to others, not certainly but it could mean that. We can know how we are reflecting/representing ourselves by observing and self analysing ourselves, by knowing or observing the opinion of the people or the criticism of us by the people around us, it depends on us how we take it. We just have to be confident on what we are doing and keep ourselves open to any criticism or opinion believing that it can help us to make some changes for betterment. Knowing your reputation or knowing how people perceive you can either tell you to grow greater or make some self changes, it entirely depends on how you’re observing yourself and others.

If people say I’m narcissist, then that might means I do represent myself as a narcissist human, I might be doing some activities which are representing me as a narcissist human. If people say I’m a respectable, modest and intelligent human, then that might means I present myself as a respectable, modest and intelligent human to others. It can be said that both the scenario not certainly but can be based on how I’m representing myself.

I think it’s not right to tell people to not care about what others think of you. You cannot live in this world with you and yourself only. We are humans, and we reflect what we think. So what others think about us can influence on how we live too. Our mental well-being resides on human interaction, and humans judge, we have a part of the brain called the frontal lobe for that reason. We have to evaluate whether someone is a threat or set back to our life or is a good influence. So observing yourself and others is good as it can help us to make some good changes.

I do believe that we cannot live in the world to please everybody but knowing how others perceive us can help us in our betterment. So I wouldn’t agree with the saying don’t give a shit what other think of you as sometimes we have to. In the end, it’s just about being true to yourself, to your behavior and to your world, and not everyone is going to click, we just have to be ready to make changes for betterment and life will unfold before us.

Much Love ~ Vikas Sharma

Harnessing Wireless Signals

It’s not a new thing that radio frequency signals can be used as both a power source and a communication medium, and moreover, the problem of wireless power has been in research since the time of Tesla. There have been perpetual researches on this topic since many years. As radio frequency signals are both the power source and the communication medium, therefore, we can re-purpose radio frequency signals that are already around us into both a source of power and a communication medium.

This technology can be useful in some of the way but it has some pitfalls too. Like it depends on radio frequency signal, so apparently it is useless at the places where there is no radio frequency signal, its effect on the other wireless system or on those from which it draws power or on anything other, will be useless in the Faraday cage like places. That is the one side, now how can it help the humans: well! It can be useful in number of ways; can be used in smart devices like phones, watches, sensors and any other wearable electronic device. This technology can be embedded into smartphones (or into other battery dependent devices) and when the battery dies, the phone could still be used for communication by using radio frequency signals. In a nutshell, this technology has ample of things to offer.

I recently read an article which says a team of researchers from the University of Washington is working on this kind of technology. They have created a wireless technology which they describe as Ambient Backscatter, which takes advantage of the TV and cellular transmissions that already surround us around the clock. It transforms existing wireless signals into both a source of power and a communication medium. The researchers built small, battery-free devices with antennas that can detect, harness and reflect a TV signal, which then is picked up by other similar devices. Using ambient backscatter, these devices can interact with users and communicate with each other without using batteries. They exchange information by reflecting or absorbing pre-existing radio signals.

There is always someone working on something somewhere around the earth, and as there are endless possibilities, so there can be endless creation which can be created by connecting the right pieces in the right place!


Brain Computer Interface

The brain-computer interface is one of those technology which can change our world. A brain–computer interface is a direct communication pathway between the brain and an external device. The brain-computer interface is often directed at assisting, augmenting, or repairing human cognitive or sensory-motor functions, and in future, it can help in restoring damaged hearing, sight and movement in humans.

The concept of brain computer interface technology is to place small electrodes on or inside the human brain which can allow humans to interact with computers or control robotic limbs simply by thinking about how to execute those actions. This technology could improve communication and daily life for a person who is paralyzed or has lost the ability to speak from a stroke or neurodegenerative disease. Researchers have demonstrated that when humans use this brain computer interface, the brain behaves much like it does when completing simple motor skills such as kicking a ball, typing or waving a hand. That means this technology can make controlling a robotic arm or a prosthetic limb as easy as if it is your actual arm.

Several types of brain-computer interfaces are being developed and tested. The least invasive is a device placed on a person’s head that can detect weak electrical signatures of brain activity. Some basic commercial gaming products are on the market, letting people play easy games or move a mouse around a screen but this technology isn’t very reliable yet because signals from eye blinking and other muscle movements interfere too much.

It is possible that in the coming decades, we might interact with our smart devices and computers simply by using our minds; we could be operating a some smart device just by thinking about it, or could be turning lights on and off just by thinking about it, or sending an e-mail from our smart phone without even typing anything by hands. The scope of this technology is very wide and it could revolutionize everything from robotic implants and neural prosthetics, to remote controls but for now it still in its first phase.


 Reference: New Tasks Become as Simple as Waving a Hand With Brain-Computer Interfaces


In Any Form!

Separation is merely an illusion. We mostly see a physical separation, we mostly feel a physical separation but even after physical separation, we remains connected with all the people and with all the other things by mentally. Physical and mental separation exist as long as we are alive, as long as a body is connected with the mind and the heart, as long as we keep breathing. We are all eternally connected, we are all atomically connected, everything is interconnected with all the other things. Actually, it’s an endless connection, an eternal interconnection. We fear the illusion of separation which is actually the fear of physical separation. Physical separation, which is synonymous with pain and humans do fear the pain in any form.

-Vikas Sharma

Sensorial Perception and Mental Interpretation

We, the humans can capture less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum, in a same way we can’t hear the sounds of all frequencies, and therefore we can’t see and hear all the things present around us, and so we miss out most of what’s happening all around us. There are other beings, with other perceptual systems than ours that see and hear a totally different universe. There are animals without eyes that create an amazingly accurate version of their surroundings by using sonar. Some even see color based on temperature, and not wavelength.
Now the question arises, is there an ultimate reality independent of our sensorial perception and mental interpretation? Or maybe, such question is pointless as long as we ponder it trapped in our human bodies. We make our own reality, things can be different from others perceptions, from other’s point of view.
We have created our own world with our sensorial perception and mental interpretation. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to experience it, does it make a sound? No, there is just the oscillation of air particles. Until there is an aural system present, capable of vibrating to the range of that wave, there is no sound. The universe is a hologram where everything exists everywhere at all times. Our senses simply tune into fractions of the whole. Much like a radio receiver, once turned on, can focus on a specific frequency while thousands more are still around. In the end, I would like to say we have the power to explore the unknown.
Love and Peace
-Vikas Sharma

Create a New System

It’s better to create a new system or model instead of fighting or resisting against any kind of system which doesn’t match with your understanding. You can’t fight against a system alone, you can’t change the world alone but you can create a system, a new system or model which can replace the current system, which can change the world or the things around you. If you want to change a system then you have to create a new system, a new system or model which will be approachable by the mass, by the people, and which matches with their understandings, conditions and situations, and which looks much better than the current system in all the ways, and which will be promising, faithful and attractive to the people. If ever you tries to create a new system to replace the existing system then don’t worry for the support and motivation because when you put your energy, will and mind on the creation of such a new system or model, you will find many supportive and motivating humans on your way to the creation of this kind of new system.

So, in the end I would like to say it’s possible for a single man to replace or abolish any kind of system or model if they create a new model which is better than the current system or model and hence, in this way, it can change the whole world or the world around us.

Descendant of Stars

We are not separate from the Universe, it’s within all of us, we are linked to it and everything which has existence belongs to the Universe. In the silence of night, have a look at the clear sky, look at those celestial bodies in the Universe sparkling like a diamond, see with the perception of interconnectedness, or see through the eyes of wonders, or see with an enlightened attitude. We are linked to those celestial bodies, we made up of the star dust, we all have connection with the stars, and we are the descendant of stars.

We all are made up of matter present in the universe, we are all interconnected to each other, and everything you do right now can affects someone. Our thinking, words, posture, attitude, everything ripples outward and can affect others. Our body, our thoughts, our brain, our emotions, our consciousness are inextricably linked with the matter in the universe, and with the other humans on our very own planet.

Once we understand or realize what is happening, and how it’s happening we become awaken and realizes how to live our life. I believe life should not be spend in search of happiness as happiness comes along with awakenings. The more awake we become, the more we realize the reality, the more we feel the life, and therefore, the more happiness prevails inside us. So, we don’t need any kind of magical power to transform or change our world. We have all of the power and energy we need inside ourselves already, we just have to discover it, we just have to understand it, we just have to realize and feel it.

Lots of love

Vikas Sharma

The World of Imagination

The world of Imagination, by Vikas Sharma ( Expand The Horizon )The home you’re living in, the clothes you’re wearing, the cell phone you’re using, the computer you’re have, the music you listen to or any kind of art, and more and more and more, are all somehow somewhat linked to the imagination. I want to share some my thoughts on imagination, so here’s something about imagination from my perspective.

What is imagination? Some may say it is the ability to create pictures in our mind but does it really limited to merely creating pictures in our mind? I think no, it is not only limited to creating pictures in the mind. We, the humans can imagine a lot more than just creating pictures in our mind. We can imagine sounds, taste, smell, emotions, a physical sensation or a feeling. Yes! We can imagine all this, you might have noticed it and we all have our own different world of imagination, our imagination is subjective. For some people, it is easier to visualize a picture in their mind, for some it is easier to imagine a sound, and for others it easier to imagine a feeling and other things. Imagination makes it possible to experience a whole world inside a mind, and mentally it gives us the ability to look at any situation from a different point of views. Imagination strengthens our creative abilities when we know how to work with it, when we know how to use the power of imagination. We all use it, whether consciously or unconsciously, in most of our daily affairs. For instance, when you a plan a trip to somewhere you must have imagined something about the trip in your mind, or when you read some kind of story you must have imagined something in your mind of that story.

Now the question is, can we really turn our imagination into really, if yes then how? Yes! Of course we can turn our imagination into reality, you might have noticed it in your to day to day life, we do it many times. To turn imagination into reality just examine whether the things you have imagined are really possible to achieve in any way, if it is possible somehow then try to experience it as if it is real even before you haven’t tried to turn it into a physical reality. Now make some calculations in your mind, how you executed your imagination to turn it into reality and how you felt when you visualize it as a physical reality. Ask yourself some questions and try to find out the answers as this might help you to find out a way to turn your imagination into reality. Imagination can play a significant role in achieving our objectives and goals if we have a strong grip on the art of imagination, if we realize its power and know how to use it. Try to execute concepts in your mind until it works for you and when you realize it worked then bring it out, try it out. Sometimes, imagination can even help us to avoid collisions and mishaps too.

Now here’s an interesting question that whether a human imagination is infinite? I think no, human imagination is not infinite, our imagination is limited; it is the combination in which we can imagine things are probably infinite. We can imagine uncountable things in our imagination but there are things which are outside of our imagination. We imagine things based on our experience, our knowledge, our imagination is linked with the things we have experienced, things we have heard, seen, felt or smelled. So, our imagination is limited because there can be lots of things which we can’t imagine, it is the combination in which we can imagine is infinite. In the end I would like to say, be silly sometimes and try to play with imagination, and remember in the end it is the self-confidence, understanding, ideas, knowledge and continuous action which will transforms your imagination into a reality.

Lots of love,

Vikas Sharma

It’s Not Easy, But Neither Impossible

Do you think life is short? Is it really short? I mean, how can it be short? It is not short; it is the longest activity of a human. Life is not short to spend on following our goals and ambitions but life is short to not follow our goals and ambitions. Life is short to spend on doing the things we don’t want to do and of course, life is short to hate and fight. Sometimes we get confused, or situation doesn’t let us do the things we want to do but that doesn’t mean we have to give up our goals and ambitions without trying our level best. Life is like a ride, a ride on an uneven path. Sometimes the path seems full of pits and hurdles, and sometimes the path is all smooth, flat and leveled. So take risks when you know can and do the things you want to do.

Spread a little love on the path you are treading and dream a dream. The world is bigger than our space and our actions have consequences, sometimes we didn’t realize it but we all contribute to our world in some way. We all are part of it and separation is merely an illusion. At the time, when we become aware with our inner self then we realize we don’t need everything we think we need. We realize there is a lot more we can do and we can achieve. We realize living up to society’s standards is not a life, living up a life on the rules or instructions of a society is not a life. We are all humans and we don’t deserve to be treated like chess pawns. So try to listen your intuition, have some goals and ambitions, be a learner and be a little crazy sometimes, have fun and smile more, and remember we can achieve our goals and ambitions by working hard and following our conscience. Let’s try to live our life to the fullest and follow our goals, dreams and ambitions, that’s where true happiness is. I know it’s not easy, but neither impossible.


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