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We Make Mess Sometimes

We all make a mess sometimes and no single person can be strong all the time, even if there is no big mess to speak of there is always some cleaning up to do but by overthinking or over analyzing, we actually block the intuitive flow of the mind. We all need to raise ourselves time to time, nobody is perfect. Be patient and present, be here now. The moment we are in, is the only thing real, as the past is gone and future is filled with illusions. The thing is how you see yourself is the key to changing your life, don’t let one little thing derail your peace of mind.

Have a good day ~ Vikas

Trapped Within Our Own Minds

Trapped within our own minds with delusions, we cannot read others, but in desperation for the answers we lead beliefs that we do, and hence, we surround ourselves with more illusions. First step to be followed is to free our minds from the chamber of delusions and strive to know our own selves more but the question is how when most of us are so conditioned and remain confined by society, belief, culture, media, situation, education which has in some way obstructed our thinking with preconceptions, fears and anxieties?


Trapped within our own Minds with Delusions

Peering Through The Mist

Peering through the mist, to see what I could see,

Mind caught between the barren land and gray cast sky,

The state of equilibrium clattering making chaos,

Thunder lightning generating thoughts,

Listening to the dripping of rain drops,

What all can be done, and provoking thoughts,

On instability, bigotry, lies and hates

I’m uncertain, is it dark clouds of ignorance brought it all?

On the edge of sanity,

I hold on to the string of force in tranquility,

On the frost window pane of thoughts,

I portray how the world is shrouded with illusions and gets worse,

How humans are confined not to see beyond the wall of fake pride,

As we commend justice and peace, yet we slay it per diem with lies and hate,

We commend love and equality, yet we let prejudice breed and let us segregate.

Flexibility and Fluidity

To be adaptable we need to keep our mind open rather than perceiving things with a closed mind confined within some defined bounds, to be adaptable we need flexibility in our opinions and fluidity in our thought process rather than be so rigid in our views and cemented in our beliefs.

First of all, we have to realize why we need to be adaptable then only it is possible to be become adaptable for the good. We need to be adaptable as the environment around us is ever changing and we constantly get thrown into situations which challenge us at anytime and anywhere. Rigidity causes us to be brittle thus increasing the likelihood of failure in our endeavors due to a break in our resolve. Progress is the key as we should keep ourselves continually growing with no limits and restrictions, but once we stop growing is when we start to wither, mind become restrictive within some defined bounds and so our thinking too, and we get trapped up in illusions easily and unnecessarily perceiving things falsely.

Hence we need keep our minds open, we need to be flexible in our opinions, and we need to have fluidity in our thought process to keep ourselves growing and to clear our perception more. We simply need to keep ourselves open to change wherever and whenever required for the better version as limits are infinite. 

Have a good day ~ Vikas Sharma

Mind is Like a Door

Our mind is like a door and to perceive the reality or the truth it has to be opened. A closed mind is a home for illusions, illusions which are powerful enough to blind us until we open our doors of mind. We see, feel and experience things through our mind and senses and from our own unique perspective and perception but to see, feel and experience the things as they are we have to free ourselves from illusions which are ingrained into our psyche.

Freeing ourselves from illusions and then knowing, learning and seeing the truth can change us completely, it can change the way we behave and react. It will generate positivity within us, you will feel more calmness and contentment, you will realize there are things which you don’t have to do, you will feel the interconnection and how beautiful the universe is, it will bring more clarity in the mind.

At one point you would feel or realize that you don’t have to understand every detail of life, you just have to open the doors of your mind, which indeed will make everything clear and simple for you, you just have to understand the fundamental nature of life. In the end, I would like to say that in my perspective,you’re the one with an open mind when things start making sense to you, when there is equality, freedom, peace, love and understanding in your mind and thoughts. Moreover, this is only my perspective and we all have our own 🙂

Much love to all ~ Vikas Sharma

Random Thought

When a person learn about how everything is interconnected then it would cleanse his doors of perception to an another level which indeed will lift him above illusions.

Much love ~ Vikas Sharma

Beyond the Illusions…(repost)

There is an absolutality, a perfect world beyond the illusions, illusions which are ingrained into the human psyche.

Have a good day/night! ~ Vikas Sharma

Behind The Concepts

Who are we? Where are we heading? Do we have to do the things we do most of the time? Do we have to react like we react to the things around us? Do you know what’s there behind the concepts? Ever you wonder about your existence on this planet? What if the life on this planet came up from the some other planet? Do we really belong to the Earth? Do you feel the differences in the human race? How you see the world through your eyes?

I don’t feel the differences in the things much; I don’t feel the things as it really looks. Sometimes, it makes me to smile, sometimes it makes me to wonder, sometimes it helps me to understand this human’s world more, sometimes it makes me to analyze the things more and more. I don’t believe in the division just on the base of attachments and concepts, I don’t believe on the concept of separation, I don’t feel the difference between you and me. We are all made up atoms; we are all star dust created in the space. It’s the human mind which operates us like a master of a machine, and it’s the human heart which makes us to feel the energy around us which is radiated by the others by their thoughts, emotions, posture, deed, shapes, looks, and more. It’s just we who creates concept and then follow them. With the passage of time, most of us forget that it’s just a concept created by us and nothing more than that. We start to live our life on the base of some concepts without realizing that it’s a concept. Things can be a lot different than what we see and learn about them, things can be a lot simpler if realize, if we know what’s there behind the concepts.

Sometimes, I just feel like to shout out loud and explain the whole world that there is no separation and so don’t live up in illusions. Illusions ingrained into the human psyche makes us react like we don’t have to, we don’t have to do the things we do most of the times, and we don’t have to do the things we think we should do. The world is simple, we have to realize it, we have to feel it the way it really is. We have to realize the energy around us; we have to know the capability of our brain. We have to analyze the energy around us, we have to analyze the energy inside us. We don’t have to react like we do most of the time.

Peace and love!

Have a rocking weekend 🙂