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Mirror, It’s Just Me!

A ride with my thoughts,
A moment in my head,
An exploration in the mirror,
It’s just one of those day.
Standing in front of mirror,
strange! I see a perpetual reflection,
then another gaze in the curiosity,
as the image is getting more perplex.
Heap of questions in my mind,
hitting my perception,
as I wonder,
what if one day we all wake up,
what if one day we all realize,
the truth,
the truth we haven’t even imagined in our widest imagination,
the truth we haven’t even dreamed in our widest dream,
Questions, and all the things,
Yes! The things are shaking up my reflection,
Reflection in the mirror,
Mirror, it’s the surrounding
Mirror, it’s the world I live in
Mirror, it’s my thoughts.
Mirror, it’s just me!
Mirror, it’s within my mind.

-Keep exploring, as we are all explorers! ~ Vikas sharma

The World of Imagination

The world of Imagination, by Vikas Sharma ( Expand The Horizon )The home you’re living in, the clothes you’re wearing, the cell phone you’re using, the computer you’re have, the music you listen to or any kind of art, and more and more and more, are all somehow somewhat linked to the imagination. I want to share some my thoughts on imagination, so here’s something about imagination from my perspective.

What is imagination? Some may say it is the ability to create pictures in our mind but does it really limited to merely creating pictures in our mind? I think no, it is not only limited to creating pictures in the mind. We, the humans can imagine a lot more than just creating pictures in our mind. We can imagine sounds, taste, smell, emotions, a physical sensation or a feeling. Yes! We can imagine all this, you might have noticed it and we all have our own different world of imagination, our imagination is subjective. For some people, it is easier to visualize a picture in their mind, for some it is easier to imagine a sound, and for others it easier to imagine a feeling and other things. Imagination makes it possible to experience a whole world inside a mind, and mentally it gives us the ability to look at any situation from a different point of views. Imagination strengthens our creative abilities when we know how to work with it, when we know how to use the power of imagination. We all use it, whether consciously or unconsciously, in most of our daily affairs. For instance, when you a plan a trip to somewhere you must have imagined something about the trip in your mind, or when you read some kind of story you must have imagined something in your mind of that story.

Now the question is, can we really turn our imagination into really, if yes then how? Yes! Of course we can turn our imagination into reality, you might have noticed it in your to day to day life, we do it many times. To turn imagination into reality just examine whether the things you have imagined are really possible to achieve in any way, if it is possible somehow then try to experience it as if it is real even before you haven’t tried to turn it into a physical reality. Now make some calculations in your mind, how you executed your imagination to turn it into reality and how you felt when you visualize it as a physical reality. Ask yourself some questions and try to find out the answers as this might help you to find out a way to turn your imagination into reality. Imagination can play a significant role in achieving our objectives and goals if we have a strong grip on the art of imagination, if we realize its power and know how to use it. Try to execute concepts in your mind until it works for you and when you realize it worked then bring it out, try it out. Sometimes, imagination can even help us to avoid collisions and mishaps too.

Now here’s an interesting question that whether a human imagination is infinite? I think no, human imagination is not infinite, our imagination is limited; it is the combination in which we can imagine things are probably infinite. We can imagine uncountable things in our imagination but there are things which are outside of our imagination. We imagine things based on our experience, our knowledge, our imagination is linked with the things we have experienced, things we have heard, seen, felt or smelled. So, our imagination is limited because there can be lots of things which we can’t imagine, it is the combination in which we can imagine is infinite. In the end I would like to say, be silly sometimes and try to play with imagination, and remember in the end it is the self-confidence, understanding, ideas, knowledge and continuous action which will transforms your imagination into a reality.

Lots of love,

Vikas Sharma

We are all Explorers

I’m just trying to put my thoughts in front of you all on exploration, its importance and why do we explore? I’m not writing any fundamental things about exploration and what we should explore and how should we explore. I don’t think that telling this kind of things make any sense as this topic is individualistic and too broader to explain. I’m not even trying to convince anyone that we should explore the things around us or the things which are out of our reach. I’m just expressing my own views on this topic, that’s all! Some of you might agree with my thoughts fully, some of you might agree to some extent and some of you might not agree with me at all. In any case, if you wish then you can add your comments or thoughts after reading this post. So here I go!

It’s cool to be the first one to go where no one else has been before. Don’t you think that? HAHA! In my perspective, we are all explorer, including all other living beings. Exploration is much more than going to a place where no one else has been before. Exploration is a basic instinct to survive. Exploration is a way to deepen the mysteries, it’s a way to understand this world and the whole universe. Exploration provides purpose, seeks purpose and defines it. With exploration we become and we are always becoming. We are all explorers, we are all seekers. We keep on exploring things around us and sometimes we didn’t even notice that we are exploring something, something which is around us or maybe not. Our mind is always ready to explore the things, we just have to put our will and have to discover our area of interest. When you travel to a place where you haven’t been before then what comes in your mind? Don’t you want to explore that place? Don’t you want to find out what’s there in that place? Exploration is always followed by curiosity; curiosity is a trait of exploration. When we explore something it certainly raises some newer questions in our mind and to find the answers we have to explore more till we get our answers. The more we explore the more we learn and the more we gain knowledge.

Exploration has no limit. Some people like to explore their imagination by looking at all the angles of their imagination. Exploration can be of any type and it can be anywhere, like a person walking down a beautiful park full of people and then that person tries to explore that area automatically, that person tries to explore its every parts with some different perspective and gaining some knowledge from it. Some people tries to explore the world by taking photographs of the world around them. Exploration can be physical, it can be mental or it can be anything. Some people tries to explore themselves and some tries to explore the world by traveling to different places. For exploring anything, it doesn’t matter that our hands can reach that place or not, our eyes can see it or not and our bodies can travel there or not. We are always fascinated by the universe and therefore, we always try to explore it and it doesn’t matter whether we can reach out there or not, we will still be exploring it like always. Some people like to explore the laws of universe, physics and other. There is always something you can explore about the laws of universe and physics. Who knows, one day these laws might fall but for now, they are still what make our universe go round.

There is a special kind of pleasure we get from exploration. Going out to a some place and then returning back to the home but by some other route which is unknown to you and this will makes us feel good that there is another way to return back to the home and that’s what exploration can teach us. Exploration is the ability we have which let us to see beyond our horizon and beyond ourselves to ensure a future for our civilization. Exploration is in are thoughts, it’s in our behavior, it’s in the behavior of all the living beings. Our civilization will one day may live on Mars and beyond when we will run out of resources on Earth or maybe we will find some other alternative ways or things. So one have to explore to find new resources and areas which will help us to survive anywhere whether on this planet or on somewhere else. By exploration, one day we may find out the answers to some of the questions about our own origins. How did life begin on Earth? Is there life on any other planet? How did the universe originally form? How did the moon, our planet and the other originally form? Exploration has no limit, from microscopic to the macroscopic, from ocean to the universe, from bacteria to the space, all are in the field of exploration.

Remember – It All Start With Thoughts

Dreams, Imaginations and Ideas; I believe in all these things and the more I live the more I understand the value of these immaterial things. Just think if we can’t live our dreams then what’s the point of our life? Simply to survive? I want more than survival. I want to actually wake up and be excited about my life. In this post I’m writing some of my thoughts on dreams, imagination and on ideas and how to convert them into physical reality. The difference between the physical reality and dreams or imaginations or ideas can be filled up by the efforts, efforts to convert them into the physical reality. Dreams, Imaginations, Ideas; all these are just the seeds which doesn’t really exist in the material world unless we put some efforts to make them a well-grown fruitful tree. In my point of view, dreams, imaginations and ideas, these all are interconnected. All these are in our mind unless we act upon them and if we really want them to be real then we must make our mind believe that it can do anything if we put all the efforts in the right direction. We just have to believe in our dreams, in our imaginations and in our ideas and if there was ever a moment to follow your heart and do something that matters to you, that moment is now. So start acting as soon as you feel you have something inside your head. Sometimes, if you ever feel like a directionless in the life then just try to follow your intuition, it’s the best thing to follow your intuition and make a decision and then find a new direction and then keep moving on.

It’s always better to work in a group than alone. So whenever you find someone who matches up with your things then just patch up with that person. Working together can make a big difference in all of our lives. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. So never hesitate to try new things if you don’t like the output of your efforts; who knows one day you may get what you dreamed of. It’s somewhat true, life is not easy especially when you plan on achieving something worthwhile like achieving your dreams; as achieving dreams can mean a lot of work and efforts and sometimes, disappointment and frustration too. It requires a lot of energy and resources. So don’t give up easily and just keep exploiting the resources around you. Moreover, it’s not about having the right resources; it’s about exploiting the resources you do have access to. The best thing you can do is do the best with what is in front of you with the resources you do have access to.

I’m learner and I’ll be learner till the end. Right now there’s a lot I don’t know and I’ll always be ready to learn all the things I don’t know. No matter how smart you are or how much you learn there will always be more to learn. Hiding from what you don’t know will bury you right beside your dreams and ideas. So embrace the things you don’t understand and study them. Achieving this understanding is what living your life is all about and when you receive negative feedback, just remember, it doesn’t matter how many people don’t get it, it matters how many do. There can be few who may incessantly suggest that the idea or dream as a whole is utterly ridiculous. Don’t get disappointed by such things, just keep working to prove yourself, to achieve your destination. As I’ve said before, if there was ever a moment to follow your heart and do something that matters to you, that moment is now. So when you feel you have something in your head then just go for it and put your all efforts to make it real! Remember, in pursuit of your dreams never forget to live your life; just do whatever you like and live your life to the fullest and keep exploring yourself and the world. 🙂

We are made…

We  are made up of atoms and our life is an imagination of our mind. It is just you against the mirror but it is your mind who interpret the reflection in the mirror. We don’t see what our eyes watch, we see what that our mind understands and then it creates the picture. It is like we live in the world of illusions and in this world our life is just a dream. And to have a calm and smooth sleep we should dream a beautiful dream.