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Striving To Be True

Striving to be true to ourselves and the world around us, it should be possible to exist in a state of transparency, nothing to hide, unaffected and unhindered by any form of judgment and scrutiny, it should all pass right through our transparent being. If we were to feel impacted by the judgment of others, it would hit the shield we use to cover up inner shame, shame which stems from an inner lie we’ve nurtured through ego and allowed to manifest into an embarrassing or shameful affliction. Look within and set aside the ego. Transparency is a state to be consistently aimed for, liberating on the soul and is very achievable. Don’t allow reality to be defined by nurtured lies and excuses.

Peace ~ Vikas Sharma

To Love; Not To Hate

We live To Love, Not To Hate!

Few simple things to avoid any kind of drama, the things which can help us to minimize the drama around us:

  • Never judge a person on the base of his/her region, or creed.
  • Never spread any kind of rumors and as well as don’t believe in any kind of rumors.
  • Never take decisions with an angry mind as an angry mind is a narrow mind.
  • Don’t blame others for personal problems. Just be strong enough to face and overcome any kind of problem created by any one; that will be the best answer to the person who created the problem.
  • Be open to any kind of new ideas, experiences, feelings, or opinions.
  • We can’t do anything about the past, so it’s better to leave it behind where it belongs.
  • Treat people in the same way you want them to treat you and remember that people can be different than what you make them out to be.
  • Don’t get affected by someone’s wrong judgment. Just be mindful of harsh and superfluous judgment.
  • We should be careful with our words as some words are better left unspoken, or addressed in a civilized face to face.
  • Let’s not forget why we live; we live to love, not to hate. All we need is a good life, love and peace. It’s with us how we take the life and remember that the whole darkness of the world can not snuff out the light of a single candle.

May love and peace prevail everywhere!