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Life Goes on Like This

Life is like a series of swimming lessons where we’re chucked into a deep ocean of infinite possibilities and from there we try to make out our way to a solid ground. In our efforts to reach on to a solid ground, we try to learn swim in which we either get thrashed out, or swim with or against the current of ocean, the ocean of challenges. We do this until we either find land to stand, or get drown in the ocean tied to a heavy anchor of negativity.

When we hit a solid ground after the struggle, the whole saga of this struggle would suddenly gets put into new perspective, and hence, the lesson is revealed; the lesson which could teach us a lot about life and things, and probably would change us from within. When we land on to a solid ground to stand then again from there we could suddenly get dumped back into the ocean for our next swimming lesson to learn, explore and experience more. This is how life goes on and we keep on learning, exploring and experiencing new things.

Have a good day ~ Vikas Sharma