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Enlighten me more

As per my views, there are basically three kinds of traveling we do. First is when we travel alone, that is solo traveling; second is when we travel in a group or with a friend of different minds; and third is when we travel with a likeminded person or in a likeminded group. Travel in whichever way if you look with the eyes of explorer or learner you can discover a lot about yourself and the world but still there is a different pleasure in traveling in all these different ways and each has its own significance too. I would love to travel with a likeminded person or in a likeminded group as I feel I have had not experienced it fully yet, would love to do it more and more but except that I love to travel in a group or just with a friend too of different minds than being just a solo traveler, but through my experiences I felt that I learn and think more when I tread on a trail alone. Perhaps, it is because when I travel alone my mind talks to itself and conversation of a mind to itself is conversation with the universe, the universe of mind. I relish all the moments of my travels as wisdom, knowledge or life shifting good experiences can come out through any of the way and also as per my views a person can’t have as much fun as there is in traveling with a friend or in group than being solo traveler; doesn’t matter whether likeminded or not. We can learn a lot by traveling, from our traveling experiences, and differences are there to teach us more.

I believe traveling is a way to discover yourself and the world too. A person’s traveling experiences can be full of wisdom and enlightenment, and I wish to gain it more as enlightenment is an ever going process. Yes! Just give me wisdom and enlighten me more.
Peace and love to all ~ Vikas Sharma