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Peace and Love

Expand The Horizon

We are merely temporary residents on the planet Earth. We are all just visitors to this place, to this time, to this planet. We are just experiencing this whole universe and the world individually as well as collectively. We are experiencing our surroundings and all other things through our senses, through our mind, and through any other mean like something which could be a human creation too. We are nothing more than a speck of dust in the universe, even the planet on which we live and thrive is nothing more than a speck of dust in the universe. We are all just a result of billions of billion years of evolution. Our evolution and as well as our capability to create things which we want, desire and need is the reason why our world keeps on changing with time, the time which indeed is a concept. We are all…

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Mental Journey

Expand The Horizon

We all go through a continuous mental journey in our whole lifetime, and as a result of this, we are all at different levels of consciousness, awareness and development at different times. Sometimes, we come across people who may not be able to comprehend what we are saying as they might be at different levels than ours or this can be other way around but that doesn’t mean what we have said can never be heard by those at different levels. You know, sometimes someone just need a little push or a hint, and who knows that can be you. You may think and perceive things in an entirely different way than the way I think and perceive things, and at this moment when you’re reading this you might or might not agree with the words I’m writing here. I would say that is all okay, we all go through…

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Random Thought

​Sometimes when we are taken to the edge of our own sanity, and come back, we are stronger than we ever were.  Love is the power that can wake the dead, from their slumber.  Shine bright, and love each other.

Midnight Thoughts #3

Love is a state of being, and when you are out of that state, it becomes an object of discussion.

Just Be True

Just be true to yourself and to others, and don’t get involved profoundly in the love of other until you’re sure that the other person loves you unconditionally; or a better way to put it would be to make sure the other person is digging along with you, not watching you dig. Some of us end up hurting ourselves when we start to love someone with great depth with lots of expectations and later realizing other person is not on the same page. Understanding is important with fewer expectations.


Quote - True to Yourself


Sometimes the love of a stranger is the mentor we never had, and sometimes you don’t get what you desire. But then sometimes, you have to look within your own self, there are ample of things to achieve, life is not about saddening on things you failed to get, it’s about being optimistic and looking forward to achieve what all you can; and if you don’t learn to laugh at your own misfortunes it will hurt when others do. Sometimes the truth is right in front of us but we feign ignorance rather than acknowledging our faults and if in such times we’re not open to accept the truth then how can we act open the situation to take corrective measures. Sometimes all you need is some alone time to find out more about yourself.


Keep Rocking Peeps ~ Vikas Sharma

Peace is the only Way

The history leaves no doubt that killing of innocent lives has been a persistent problem of social living throughout human history, but why? It’s of extreme importance to understand the basic reasons behind it by every single person on this planet. A murderer way of perceiving think is completely different from that of a normal person, they fail to understand killing innocents is an act of cowardice, sheer portray of ignorance and display of highest level of brainlessness. Absence of empathy and sanity could be added to the reasons, but it’s more than it, more reasons could be anger, violence, hatred, greed, ego, power, frustration, religion, fear, delusion, money, and incapability to understand what’s right or wrong.

Everyone needs to understand peace is the only way, and more positivity need to be reflected to fight the negativity around ourselves. People do feel sad when they come to know about any kind of horrifying inhuman incidents as it’s a human trait to feel the same in such times but at the same time it’s of more importance to stand against such barbaric acts and spreading positivity around oneself as per one’s ability and strength.

Much love and peace to all ~ Vikas




Random Thought

The thing about feeling being lost is not that you find yourself stuck at some point in your life alone but it is about you can’t understand that you feel lost because you’re not with you, it is because your mind due to some circumstances deviate you from you, it is because you’re devoid of love for your own self.


Quote - Devoid of Love

Life is Simple

Tread carefully but do not fear to speak out your mind and heart, be true to yourself and embrace the truth that emits from selfless love and project it. Inspire courage and hope in the weary of heart, and give patience and understanding to those who seek you with their mind, do not allow them to inhibit you with their fears and insecurities. Life is simple when you have love within you and your mind is at peace, and when there is love within you and your mind is at peace only then you can spread or reflect it around. It is important to rise above delusion and ignorance which are engrained into our psyche.

Smiles ~ Vikas Sharma

Love #2

Love – let’s call it compassion if it’s unconditional, non judgmental and non preferential. Love – it manifest any time to anyone when selfishness drops completely and which means it’s the absence of selfishness. Love – it’s not about controlling someone, it’s about letting someone free and being comfortable, which means it should make you feel free, not like a prisoner. Love – let’s call it faithfulness, and if it is not then it is mere infatuation.


Quote - Love - lets call it compassion if it's unconditional