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Let’s Spread Positivity

One of the ways to spread positivity in the world is, letting people realize that in today’s world half of the chaos is created by Media, not all you see on social networking sites and watch on TV is true.

Midnight Thoughts #4

There are kindness around the world which hasn’t been focused much or shared from media, but we ourselves can do our part by sharing, reflecting and bring a bit warmth and kindness around us.

Propaganda or Truth

Sometimes, when I look up or listen to the news, I just feel how easily lie is being feed to us to deceive us or to make us think the way they want us to think; by they I mean those with powers with their some vested interest. We have to be aware and should not believe easily in everything we hear on the news media outlets on TV or read on the papers.

It’s easy to influence people through these medium, or to use it as a propaganda machine by those with powers. Whatsoever it is, actually it’s up to us whether we want to believe or not on everything they tell us without even thinking or looking at its other side. Those with powers or those with their some vested interests may exploit every possible way, every event or every national tragedy to deceive people and to promote fear. They may not show you the other side; they may show you the only face they want you to believe to be true. Not everything you hear, see or read there is truth, and in a same way not everything you hear, see or read there is propaganda or lie. All we have to do is keep our mind open and use our own understanding.

Have a good day/night friends – Vikas Sharma