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Life is Better..

​Life is so much better when you focus on what’s important and not care much about unnecessary crap coming from other people who are their to just bring you down with problems, intentionally. It’s good to identify such people or things sooner else they will swallow up your positivity to leave you with nothing but just with all their nonsense. I believe in being kind and good to others and this doesn’t mean I will allow these kind of people to bring their crap on me. Be good to others if you want others to be good to you, and be mindful and keep up the good vibes.

Have a good day all – Vikas

Observe and Evolve

Observing and making perception about a situation is easier when we are doing it for someone else. The thing is to evolve more first we have to learn how to observe ourselves. Observing other will lead to nowhere if we aren’t observing ourselves first in a mindful state. The more you observe yourself, the more you will understand of what is influencing you, where you are leading to and how you are reacting to things and why. Actually, it is like the more you observe yourself, the more you will learn and grow from inside out which indeed will make you feel more self-aware and calm, and will broaden your horizons of understanding.