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Within Our Minds

When we act in a manner which is contradictory to what we feel and think, then the more chances are that we will lose the battle, whether that battle is taking place inside our own selves or in the external world, because we are disoriented, we know that we are fighting for an unjust battle, we are dividend, we are not doing it wholeheartedly and we are not doing it with full attention and certainly this will add negativity within our minds which actually increases the chance of our failure. Positive and negative forces function within our minds based on some factors, and at times, the battle goes on between these forces. These forces govern our life, and when our reason is blinded by negative forces then it become impossible for us to live peacefully in the world or it become impossible for us to be at peace with our own selves, which eventually lead us to lose our battles.

Have a good time ~ Vikas Sharma

No Glory Comes Without Turmoil

Hey! Just sharing some random thoughts with you all, if you wish to read then here you go:

Some of the time in some circumstances our biggest barrier is we ourselves as in some situations we form barrier in our minds without giving a deserving fight. No matter who we are, what we’ve done and how successful we may have been in the past, we always find ourselves in a place defined by our own boundaries; that is our current comfort zone.

We may have fought hard in the past to reach the comfort zone we’re at today and for that very well done! However deep down, is that it? Have we reached our destination for life or are we gonna keep journeying on, keep climbing higher, can we take it to the next level? What are our limits? I think there’s only one way to find it out and that’s to keep facing our fears. We all have them, I definitely do and it’s behind those walls that potential dreams lie. Is it risky? What if we get failed? Could we get hurt? Could it challenge our very existence and grind us to the inner core of our souls? Oh hell yes! No glory comes without turmoil.

So what’s the point of this message? Anything we’re disappointed about – we have nobody to blame but ourselves. All of us are at some road-block, it may be new or it may have been there for years. We may have failed multiple times trying to break through. I do believe the key is perseverance and never giving up, no matter how long it takes.

If you’re happy where you are then power to you. We’re all in this together, if we can get our minds off blaming and criticizing whatever the hell it is that we blame – at least for a moment, take responsibility and accept our fears, charge up and believe in ourselves at least for a moment, and then, this message has done its job. As much as I write this message for others, it’s also a message to me.


Vikas Sharma

The Illusion of Differences

The things we surround ourselves with can influence us to a great deal. No one is born with jealousy, prejudice, or with hatred; these are learned behaviour patterns like all others. Now think what if we keep ourselves isolated from all the people, from all the other creatures, and from all the worldly things since the time we born? Will it make us free from all these learned behaviour patterns? It may but our minds will certainly be empty. Being in isolation with everything will keep us away from the knowledge and wisdom, it won’t let our minds to evolve. Moreover, to survive we need knowledge and wisdom, not an empty mind. We learn when we consider ourselves as a part of this universe or world, part of a group or family, part of anything; we learn when we exchange our thoughts, information, experiences and words with others.

The prime reason for the negative behaviours in our selves is the differences, the illusion of differences. Instead of understanding the differences we implant some behaviour patterns in ourselves in the illusion, instead of trying to erase the differences we construct walls of more other things on the base of those differences.  It is this illusion of differences which is a reason for some unreasonable beliefs or opinions in our minds; it is in this illusion of differences the world fall divided when actually it is one.

There is a world outside the illusion of differences and to know it one have to climb up the walls of differences then only one can realize how amazingly we all thrive on a plant in this amazing universe, and then only we will realize we don’t have to do some of the things which we do under the influence of the illusion of differences. Our efforts should be to keep ourselves at bay from the illusion of differences. Our efforts should be to educate our minds as much as possible to become the change we want to see in our surroundings, we are all surrounding of somebody else and you know surrounding has influence.

Have a good day/night ~ Vikas Sharma

Illusion of Differences - Vikas Sharma(Expand the Horizon)

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Constant Waterfall

Image Credit: Vikas Sharma

Constant waterfall of myriad words

Cascade down the hills shrouded in clouds

Intrigued to know, scouted the area

What can it be, can anybody answer?

In the dark! I peered into the stream

It’s not what you perceive, somebody screamed

In a complete daze,

I moved closer to the stream in amaze

The dream gets tensor then I awake

That constant waterfall is in our minds, I realized

The words are our thoughts, I unearthed

The hills are trail, on which we tread

The clouds are obstacle, to which we meet


Have a good day/night~ Vikas Sharma

Illusion Deception Enlighten

Believing blindly in something that is not true can degrade our consciousness which can drives us to a point where all the differences between illusion and possible reality fades away. Deception has been used by some to get what they want, it blinds consciousness and make the psyche paralyzed enough to not to see beyond the deceptive horizon. Through any mean or in any possible way, the web of deceit can seize our psyche and can blind us to the truth; it is intended to demolish our power of thinking and our ability of understanding. It then constructs wall all-around of us to limit us to the world of nothing but just illusions.

Awareness, knowledge and wisdom are the tools which can enlighten our psyche to keep us out of the web of deceit by strengthening our power of thinking and by raising our ability of understanding the things, it indeed open our minds and raise our consciousness. It is awareness, knowledge and wisdom which can keep the illusions at bay.  With an open mind, we should load ourselves with as much of awareness, knowledge and wisdom as we can because we reflect what there is inside us. An enlighten mind reflects enlightenment whereas a mind ingrained with illusive ideology reflects the same, the illusions. So we should reflect the same energy which we wish ourselves to be surrounded by and for those who thinks it’s cool to not give a damn to anything, let me tell you something to smash your fallacy, it’s not at all cool to not give a damn to the things which matters, it’s just your illusion.

Much love ~ Vikas Sharma

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Image Credit: Vikas Sharma

If You Seek, You Will Find

Sometimes, the thing which looks beautiful can be deceiving. Sometimes, the path which looks perfect can be misleading. Sometimes, things aren’t what we or other assume about it. There is a great pride of traveling to a place where we haven’t been before, a place which is full of beauty, surprises and adventures but that doesn’t mean we have to travel all alone into the wild to make a life over there, and that’s too just because you don’t like the way society or the human’s world works. Yes! Society is crazy, but running away from it is not a solution. We don’t have to run away from it, we don’t have to live up in solitariness, in isolation; we don’t have to travel alone in the solitariness or go die in middle of nowhere just to have a fulfilled life, or just to live up a life out of this sick and crazy world.  If you’re not happy where you’re, you will not be happy anywhere. My point is what has to change is our minds; the way we think. Open your mind by seeking the truth and you will find fulfilled life. If you seek, you will find. It’s your ride on the planet earth, and only you’re in charge of it. So keep enjoying your ride, keep exploring the world, keep traveling, or keeping doing the things you like to do not just as an escape from the world, but a part of your ride on this beautiful planet.

Keep yourself safe, keep rocking! – Vikas Sharma