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Let The Wind…

Let the wind blow and the river keep flow, let the flower bloom and the sun shine, let the moon rise and the star shine, let me have some peace of mind and a silent retreat; let me feel I belong somewhere, let me have some hope.


Quote - Let the Wind Blow

Lunar Soil, Its Unsual Properties and Hover Technology

Lunar Truth

image credit: wikipedia

Lets first understand, what is lunar soil?

Lunar soil is the fine fraction of the regolith (layer of loose, heterogeneous material covering solid rock, it includes dust, soil, broken rock, and other related materials) found on the surface of the Moon. Or simply it’s moon dust.

Now, the Unusual Properties of lunar soil:

The moon’s surface topsoil or lunar soil has some unusual properties. It actually floats above the lunar surface, is very chemically active, and is both sticky and highly abrasive.

What scientists discovered:

Recently, scientists discovered some facts about the lunar soil. Marek Zbik, from Australia’s Queensland University of Technology’s science and engineering faculty, said scientists had long observed the strange behavior of lunar soil but had not taken much notice of the nano and sub-micron particles found in the soil and their source was unknown.
Zbik took the lunar soil samples to Taiwan where he could study the glass bubbles without breaking them, using a new technique for studying nano-materials.
“We were really surprised at what we found,” Zbik said. “Instead of gas or vapor inside the bubbles, which we would expect to find in such bubbles on Earth, the lunar glass bubbles were filled with a highly porous network of alien-looking glassy particles that span the bubbles’ interior,” a Queensland statement said.
“It appears that the nano-particles are formed inside bubbles of molten rocks when meteorites hit the lunar surface. Then they are released when the glass bubbles are pulverized by the consequent bombardment of meteorites on the moon’s surface,” Zbik said.
“This continuous pulverizing of rocks on the lunar surface and constant mixing develop a type of soil which is unknown on Earth.”
Dr Zbik said nano particles behaved according to the laws of quantum physics which were completely different from so called ‘normal’ physics’ laws. Because of this, materials containing nano particles behave strangely according to our current understanding.
Nano particles are so tiny, it is their size and not what they are made of that accounts for their exceptional properties.
“We don’t understand a lot about quantum physics yet but it could be that these nano particles, when liberated from their glass bubble, mix with the other soil constituents and give lunar soil its unusual properties.
“Lunar soil is electro-statically charged so it hovers above the surface; it is extremely chemically active; and it has low thermal conductivity, for example, it can be 160 degrees above the surface, but 40 degrees two meters below the surface,” the scientist added.

Now, lets see what are significance of this discovery:

Acquiring appropriate knowledge of lunar soil properties has many great significance. The potential for construction of structures, ground transportation networks, and waste disposal systems on our planet are the few examples.


Marty McFly’s hover-board in the Back To The Future trilogy.
image credit: wikipedia

One of the technology which I would like to share here is Hover-board Technology:

What is Hover-board?

A Hover-board (or hover board) is a fictional hovering board used for personal transportation and which you may have seen in the some movies like Back to the Future Part II and Back to the Future Part III. Hover-boards resemble a skateboard without wheels and through special effects the filmmakers depicted the boards hovering above the ground. Subsequent to the movies the hover-board concept has been reused by many authors in various forms of media in fictional universes not directly related to Back to the Future. And at the present date, several companies have drawn on hovercraft technology to attempt to create hover-board like products but none have demonstrated similar experiences to those depicted in the movies.
Actually, through the knowledge of lunar soil and how it floats over the surface there are possibilities that this kind of technology can be manufactured. Hover-boards(similar to those which are shown in the movies) or transportation methods like that can be developed. There’s something amazing about moon soil and knowing it entirely will gonna help to create some great technology technologies and structures in future.
Technicians just willing to know more and more information about the lunar soil and the stuff like that and they need to know all this sorta stuff. So far, this discovery may leads to the first step towards the hover technology or similar stuffs or some other kinda technology based on the concept of lunar soil. But still, lots of information and ideas are required.


Under the full Moon

Under the full Moon if you are resting on the shore of a lake,

watching the water coming down from the hills,

the only wish remains in your head is to freeze the time…!!

Nature can’t get better than winters…!!