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Art, Adventure, Traveling, Exploration and Nature Connection

I believe and have experienced that we can expand our mind through art, adventure, traveling, exploration and nature connection. Every time when I travel into the nature, it opens my mind to more radical thoughts and gives me incredible sensation and joy, it gives me more positivity in my thoughts and makes me feel so serene from within. Every time when I travel into the nature, it makes me to think more peacefully and to question everything, it makes me feel that our everyday perceptions are only a tiny fraction of reality and everything is nothing with a twist.

Through art, adventure, traveling, exploration and nature connection we can expand our understanding of complicated maze that is the human and of course of the world around us too. Through any of these we may get more clear perception of the surrounding world and new possibilities to interpret it. It can broadened our views on life and can make us think in an entirely different way. I love to have adventures and love to be in the nature whenever I can be. I wish I could travel more not just into the nature but to all the places worth to see, feel and explore, haha! It’s just few things which keep me restricting from traveling most of the time else I would have been a traveler all the time, roaming around the world just to feel the rays of sun from different horizons, just to explore more, just to watch sunset and sunrise at different horizons, just to gain new experiences,  just to feel and understand the life and the world more.

Have a good day/night ~ Vikas Sharma

To Travel is to Live

In a beautiful serene place climbing a mountain, a hike, sitting by side a waterfall, strolling on a meadow or a walk into woods will make you feel to be in bliss. To be in nature and surrounded by its beauty is amazingly refreshing. The fresh and gentle cool breeze on your face will blow its own freshness into you, tall trees and huge mountains around you will make you feel crazy in an awesome way, at some places you feel like above clouds or surrounded by clouds. Nature can offer us many epic and remembering moments only if we know how to be in nature, its tranquility will flow into us as sunshine flows on our planet only if we know how to be in nature.
I always find it amazing and tranquil to be in nature, surrounded by mountains and nature’s beauty. Standing on top of the mountain and looking at the world below makes me smile for some few reasons. I love to travel; it makes me feel so alive and refreshes my mind to the core. Somebody rightly said that to travel is to live and I wish to travel more doesn’t matter whether in hills or plains. I wish to experience, explore and learn more and I hope will.

Uncertainty Exists in the Nature

It’s been a long time since I’ve published any post here in this space, and the reason is I’ve been working on few of the things which are taking up my most of the time, and meanwhile, I’ve been caught up in few of the more things which I’m still trying to sort out. Sometimes things can be so blur that you don’t have any exact idea where you are heading after all your attempts to tread on a path to search another one or to make a space and base for the formation of bridge between the ends of one to the starting of another. Sometimes things can turn out in such a way that you wonder and think: would it have been better if you did those things which you felt needless at that moment? Uncertainty exists in the nature and there are always possibilities of anything, and nevertheless rationally you can find the answers or perhaps just with an open mind. In a nutshell, I’m enjoying my ride with all the ups and downs, and I know things are bound to get better if I keep on moving to make them much better.

Much love ~ Vikas Sharma

All The Wonder Around Us All

We all are always changing in all of our walks of life but if we keep walking on the path causing destructions then apparently we are not learning much or at least acknowledging the lessons and opportunities to grow from our actions that may not have led to good outcomes. We as human beings on this earth seem to be having a hard time accepting the past occurrence, learning from them, and then evolving from there. From what I can imagine and others have spoken of, the greatest things that we all could do to help ourselves evolve and grow. We must go outside into what this world really is, like in nature, appreciate its beauty and energy it provides, there you may feel all are one and interconnected. Get out into the world, try to search and think what you can bring up to the world for its betterment. Try to focus on the dance of yourself because if you are not well and happy then how can you make a better surrounding around you. It all starts from the individual first then it get reflected in its surroundings. By acknowledging and appreciating all of the beautiful things in this world, in this universe and beyond, maybe we can start to see, hear, feel the beauty and then maybe we can begin together to appreciate, love, and help all wonderful things that we thought may only be in our dreams. The whole is an immense and the begin of our path of growth and evolution begins with us feeling and looking within to see all of the wonder around us all.

Illusion of Paranormality

It is just our limited understanding of the things, of the nature which create illusions in front of us, in front of our eyes, within our minds. Actually, there is nothing paranormal in the entire universe. The things appear paranormal to us when we don’t know the real reasons for their happening or for their existence, it is just our limited understanding which creates the illusion of paranormality.  

Have a Great Day/Night ~ Vikas Sharma

A Journey into the Wild!


These are the few pictures from my recent journey into the serenity of nature. It’s just full of amazement and wonder to explore the places about which we don’t know much till we explored it by our self. I love to tread on the paths which are unknown, which are hidden as the path seems leafy to the eyes.


There’s an inexplicable pleasure in spending a moments in the places where you feel your interconnection with the nature. There’s an inexplicable pleasure when one have his favorite music in his ears, and watching the sun going behind the beautiful mountains at the time of sunset. Yes! There’s an inexplicable pleasure in siting on the mountains which are surrounded by the snow clad mountains, and just doing the one thing and that is… feeling the fresh wilds on the face.


There’s a magical music in the valley generated by the stream of water flowing down from the hills. As more and more I walk beside this stream, the more I feel the peace within my mind.


Let The Stream Flow, Let The River Flow, Let The Music Flow….. were the words in my mind at that moment.


My every visit or journey into the wilderness of nature gifts me with some better or new perspectives. It helps me to clear my thoughts, my mind. This part of the world… Yes! This part of world has something which strengthens me from inside.


A camp over the hills, blue sky above the head, snow clad mountains all around, and a lot to explore… Yes! There is a lot to explore!!

Well! These are the few pictures from my recent journey into the wild with some of my friends. All the pictures are taken by me, and these all places are in Kullu Valley.

In the end, I would like to write few words of Cheryl Strayed:

“It had nothing to do with gear or footwear or the backpacking fads or philosophies of any particular era or even with getting from point A to point B.
It had to do with how it felt to be in the wild. With what it was like to walk for miles with no reason other than to witness the accumulation of trees and meadows, mountains and deserts, streams and rocks, rivers and grasses, sunrises and sunsets. The experience was powerful and fundamental. It seemed to me that it had always felt like this to be a human in the wild, and as long as the wild existed it would always feel this way.”


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Shining Snow!

Kullu Valley

Here’s a few pictures from my recent visit to the Kullu valley in the first week of march 2013. Spending a time in the nature’s wildness always gives me a pleasure, and I couldn’t agree more to the lines ” All That Is Beautiful Is Wild And Free”.

Kullu Valley