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Shadows on the Wall

​They judge me negatively,

because they do not understand me.

They judge me positively,

because they see a part of themselves within me.

They think they know me,

because they can observe me.

They think that they see me,

because they have eyes.

Yet all they see is shadows on the wall. 

And all they remember is an illusion of the past.

How they choose to judge me,

shows their own reflection.

For a light casts no shadow,

till an object reflects its own brilliance.


In every scene in my reality or at every moment, there is chance to look, observe and experience more and more, like even through my eyes, I can see more and more details that I had missed in my first look. This led me to conclude that there are an infinite number of things that are still to be seen, observed, and experienced in each moment, in each place, at each time.
As I look inside of my own self, if I have a thought about something, the more I look at that thought, the more then I can see and understand about that thought. The more I see and understand about that thought, the more I crave to learn which create more thoughts within my mind. This led me to conclude that every thought is infinite.
If I have a feeling within me, the more I allow that feeling, the stronger it can become, so the depth of every feeling could be infinite too. When I look at the ways that we all interact with each other, I see a complex web that includes all of life, in layers and layers of interactions, from the mundane to the esoteric to the subconscious, all in an infinite interplay.

React to What You Observe

Sometimes you may find yourself all surrounded by people who pretend to be something else, people wearing faces over face or some maybe most of the time surrounded by them, by these pretenders or by these people with masks. They obviously have some reasons to act like that; there is a reason behind everything. I believe at some point in our life we all do it for some different reasons. But it’s not at all needed to wear different faces over face when you know how to observe yourself first and then others, and when you learn to observe things, you will be real you, a person with a real face. React to what you observe, not to just what is visible or audible because sometimes truth is beyond what we are watching and hearing.

Have a good day/night friends~ Vikas Sharma

Observe and Evolve

Observing and making perception about a situation is easier when we are doing it for someone else. The thing is to evolve more first we have to learn how to observe ourselves. Observing other will lead to nowhere if we aren’t observing ourselves first in a mindful state. The more you observe yourself, the more you will understand of what is influencing you, where you are leading to and how you are reacting to things and why. Actually, it is like the more you observe yourself, the more you will learn and grow from inside out which indeed will make you feel more self-aware and calm, and will broaden your horizons of understanding.