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Random Thought

The most beautiful souls are those who has been hurt but refuse to be broken, the souls who has been cracked but refuse to stay broken and instead put themselves together to stand up more stronger, the souls who has been wrongly judged but never let others any wrong opinion about them to affect themselves.

Much love ~ Vikas Sharma

Let Them Find Their Own Light

There was once a little boy who saw a butterfly starting to come out of its cocoon. He got so excited that he began to peel off the layers of the cocoon to help the butterfly come out, but to his own sadness, the butterfly died.

Sometimes when you think you are helping others by pushing them in the right direction, you may actually be hurting them. It is not your place to criticize how others live their lives. If they come to you for help, then by all means, give them your opinion and guidance, but otherwise, let them find their own light.

I think that the best way we can help someone is by uplifting them, inspiring them and motivating them by showing them the good in the world and leading by example. People aren’t going to respond to negativity and criticism. Even if your intentions are pure, you have to be mindful of how you project them.

Good Day to All ~ Vikas Sharma

Just an Opinion!

Social attitudes and cultural output exist in a constant feedback loop. The more a society glorifies ignorance, the more its cultural output reflects the ignorance, and therfore the more it embrace the lies. The more cultural output glorifies ignorance, the more a society embrace it, and therefore more truth is burned up to feed the lies. The same applies with violence, consumerism, etc. The world has been in many loops, and will be in many till the people don’t follow these decieving loops. Someone will have to break these loop, and certainly it will not be the side that makes billions from it.

One loop is the loop which exists between the media and the audience.In my opinion, journalists and artists are those who strives to expose or express important truths regardless of popularity and economic remuneration, and advertisers are those who tries to generate consensus, regardless of whether said consensus has anything to do with important issues, and based mostly on economic remuneration. In that sense, many of today’s news media outlets are really a hybrid that reflect the values of advertising while pretending to do journalism. So if society which doesn’t show any value to the artists and journalists, or a society where advertisers thrive while journalists and artists struggle, is in a loop of deception. This kind of deception will always tries to keep the truth and beauty hidden from the people by feeding them up with decorative lies.