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Do You Truly Know Them?

No matter what, you will never actually understand someone’s pain, until you are the one feeling it or until you truly know them. Until you have gone through it, understand it as it is or feel it, you have no clue how hard it is. I’ve seen lots of people who just judge others without knowing about them and think they know it all, and then end up making all false opinions in their mind about others. Don’t judge people before you truly know them, because behind every person, there is always a reason why they are the way they are. Ask yourself first before judging others, do you know what they are going through? Do you truly know them?

Chapters in Our Lives

We all have good and bad days so give people more time to learn more about the rest of someone you do not know about. Everyone behaves different in different situations and it takes time to see how people handle things they have to deal with over their life. Everyone will have their turn to deal with having loved ones pass, jobs changing , loss of health, ups and downs, and all different sort of things, because we are always in a state of change. We never know where people are at in their life journey, so always be respectful to not add to their pain they are in at this time in their life.

We have many chapters in our lives and each person in this world have a view, if you only hearing one side of it then that’s a problem, respecting who you communicate with is half the understanding. Sometime people remember us the way we were with them and we remember them the way they were with us, and sometimes we simply don’t know what the chapter was and that’s why we or they can’t understand. Some will have opened your book at the beginning and read through to the end, others pick up your book when the pages are well thumbed.

Suffering and Comfort

Seeking suffering and seeking comfort are similar processes despite being on the opposite ends of the spectrum. You adapt to both and develop a growing tolerance to both, and the more you gain tolerance to one, the easier you get hit by the other, think about it.

By using ‘suffering’ word, I’m not referring to any illness or ailment but here by suffering I mean discomfort. The more you seek suffering and adapt to it you become stronger and the easier you come by comfort, and the more you seek comfort and adapt to it you become weaker and the easier you come by suffering. Understanding this ideology holds the key as to whether you’re on the way towards reaching your full potential by confronting the pain inducing limitations of the world or falling short by submitting to the pain inducing limitations of the world.

Much Love ~ Vikas Sharma