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Peace and Love

We are merely temporary residents on the planet Earth. We are all just visitors to this place, to this time, to this planet. We are just experiencing this whole universe and the world individually as well as collectively. We are experiencing our surroundings and all other things through our senses, through our mind, and through any other mean like something which could be a human creation too. We are nothing more than a speck of dust in the universe, even the planet on which we live and thrive is nothing more than a speck of dust in the universe. We are all just a result of billions of billion years of evolution. Our evolution and as well as our capability to create things which we want, desire and need is the reason why our world keeps on changing with time, the time which indeed is a concept. We are all observers, learners, explorers, creators and of course, all these traits are naturally within us, we just have to realize it.

Our mind believes what it find acceptable or what it find understandable and therefore we may easily get caught up in illusions. It is enlightening to realize difference between illusion and reality. When we pull ourselves away from illusions, we feel and see the world differently, we feel the eternity, we feel the interconnection and with all this our physical and mental barriers get redefined. A clear perception which is detached from illusion opens up a new door to a new and clearer perspective. It’s just amazing to feel the world the way it is, it is just beautiful to realize the truth about ourselves, who really we are. We are all just a result of the evolution of the universe, we are star dust and will always remain a part of this giant universe in the form atoms even after our visit to this place, to the planet earth, we are all one mind and no reason to fight on the base of differences, even differences are illusion.

In the end, I would like to say – imagine if people all over the world are being taught this as a child and are being taught to think freely and taught to understand other without judgmental mind. Let’s not forget to live respectfully to yourself and others. Let peace, love and respect prevail all over the world, and which indeed depends on each one of us. Our actions, thoughts, or all the things which we reflect are just like vibrations which can be sensed by anyone of us or by anyone who has existence.

Peace and love ~ Vikas Sharma

Violence is Unintelligent

Peace is the way for progress whether of an individual or of a nation or world, peace is the future, and all violence, in whatever degree or form, is unintelligent behaviour. It is only intelligence when violence is used as a means of self-defence with no option left. Here, I am not referring to any philosophical or abstract meaning of the word ‘intelligence’. I am using intelligence in the fullest sense of that word which relates with wisdom. To me, intelligence is not limited to one’s cognitive capacities.
Intelligence to me is the complete expression of the human being in line with wisdom, which includes the mind, body and heart. Obviously, I am not using heart as an organ here. I am referring to the symbolic qualities associated frequently with the heart – qualities like compassion, empathy and so on.

Have a good/night friends ~ Vikas Sharma

Mind is Like a Door

Our mind is like a door and to perceive the reality or the truth it has to be opened. A closed mind is a home for illusions, illusions which are powerful enough to blind us until we open our doors of mind. We see, feel and experience things through our mind and senses and from our own unique perspective and perception but to see, feel and experience the things as they are we have to free ourselves from illusions which are ingrained into our psyche.

Freeing ourselves from illusions and then knowing, learning and seeing the truth can change us completely, it can change the way we behave and react. It will generate positivity within us, you will feel more calmness and contentment, you will realize there are things which you don’t have to do, you will feel the interconnection and how beautiful the universe is, it will bring more clarity in the mind.

At one point you would feel or realize that you don’t have to understand every detail of life, you just have to open the doors of your mind, which indeed will make everything clear and simple for you, you just have to understand the fundamental nature of life. In the end, I would like to say that in my perspective,you’re the one with an open mind when things start making sense to you, when there is equality, freedom, peace, love and understanding in your mind and thoughts. Moreover, this is only my perspective and we all have our own 🙂

Much love to all ~ Vikas Sharma

At Peace With Yourself

The world as a whole can’t be in peace until the last person will learn to live at peace with himself/herself or just simply start to live in peace. It’s not about expecting from others to be at peace, it’s about being at peace with yourself. The soul of the world is nourished by the peace of each and every human; it all begins with individualistic peace, it’s about us not about them. Give a time to yourself and think about it, do you feel the peace or the chaos?

Let the energy of peace flow in the universe from within you, let the mind be at peace and let it grow. Sometimes, at some moments in life you might find it difficult to be at peace with yourself and that moment would be a test of your endurance and time to observe yourself to find the reasons and then to resolve them. I’m not any guru, not a saint, not any enlighten being, I’m just as you who is trying to be at peace with himself, who like to observe himself, who believe enlighten is an ever going process, who want to experience different skies and horizons, who want to explore the things around and within.

Much love to all ~ Vikas Sharma

Peace and World

Recently, I’ve spent few days in the hills of Himachal, few days in Shimla and few days in Mandi. Weather was rainy as it is a rainy season in that part of the Earth from June to September which can be problematic for the locals or maybe they’re use to it. Actually, I was there on some kind of official visit not to travel, enjoy and explore things but still I managed few moments to stroll around the place.



I find serenity and pleasure when I watch those hills and clouds, maybe because I love to be in the nature as it nourishes my mind with positive thoughts.

Expand The Horizon-Shimla3


Some may find hills better to travel or some may find plains, some may find both or some may find nothing. I think it actually depends on how a person perceives things; a person won’t find peace anywhere if there is no peace in the mind.



Positive state of mind is obviously needed to have peace in mind, with peace in mind we realizes the real beauty of things.



The best thing which I love to do is traveling to different places, to watch the sun at different horizons, to feel the gentle cool breeze on the face, to watch the clouds forming different formations, to explore and relish beauty of the planet, to learn from the things around me, and of course sometimes to write down my thoughts and experiences too. Yes! I love and enjoy being in the nature and exploring the things.

Have a good day/night all ~ Vikas Sharma


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In The Blankness

Sometimes, I just like to stare into the blankness, into the voidness of the world. There are treasures, the treasures of wisdom or knowledge in the voidness which can be discovered, learned or grabbed by focusing into the voidness or by maintaining the focus in the voidness. In the blankness I don’t feel bizarre, In the blankness I don’t loose the tranquility of my mind,  all the thoughts inside my mind doesn’t create any hollowed reflection in the blankness. When there is peace or harmony in the mind then a man doesn’t loose his path in the blankness. Blankness is for to explore the paths, blankness is for to discover the unknown, blankness is for to clear the perception. When I stare into the voidness, it’s just like the pieces of my thoughts know where they have to place themselves to maintain the tranquility of mind. When there is an inner feel of silence and when a man can feel the voidness of the world, only then a man can discover the secrets present in the blankness.

Much Love to All – Vikas Sharma

Peace And Mind

Serenity is in the mind of a man. When you realize you are no separate from the universe, when you realize you are capable of moving the mountains with the power of your brain and with the will of your heart, when you realize you can create anything beautiful, creative or innovative with the power of your senses and with the power of your brain then you will find yourself in the state of equilibrium with all the things. Yes, one might be in chaos of the world and yet can maintain perfect serenity of mind. One doesn’t have to go to the forest and spend his precious moments in just wondering over there to find peace. Peace is in the mind of a man. A man who does’t have any control over his mind, a man who doesn’t know what his intuition says then wherever he may go, he will not find the peace of mind. Traveling is all about enjoying the world or enjoying the life, traveling is all about shaping one’s perspective and learning new things. Traveling is all about having adventure and new experiences. You don’t have to go into the wild just to find out peace. Peace is in the mind of a man.

Barriers Laid Down by The Humans

Ignite The Thoughts (Expand The Horizon) By Vikas SharmaIt’s just we who choose what we want to do in our life, you can work in an organization or in a company, you can perform any kind of art you like, you can study whatever you want to, you can have any kind of hobbies or interests, you can be in any kind of profession, you can even move elsewhere and hunt for your own food, or in a nutshell you can do whatever you want to do. We just have to cross the barriers laid down by the humans, it’s just we who created the mental and physical boundaries and it’s only we who can break these boundaries. There is more to life than a job, there is more to life than just following daily routines or schedules, there is more to life than just following the instructions and rules of society or anyone. We all can do many things in our free time, and if ever you want to change anything in the world then first bring that change in yourself because that’s the best way to spread the change you seek in the world then from expecting others to change, don’t expect much from other as we all are fighting are own battle.

There is no predefined purpose of life. Everyone has their own opinion; everyone has their own priorities, objectives, and goals. Whatever the circumstances are, there is always a space for betterment as perfection can never be achieved completely, and moreover it’s good that there is no absolute perfection because it makes space for betterment at every step and at all the time. If you don’t like to live the way you’re living then start doing things you like before you become habituated to the circumstances, it’s with us, we can change, we can get better. The world is not complex; it’s we who make it complex. It will be better to think and ignite the thoughts on the topics you’re concerned rather than complaining and criticizing about the present and past. We all have to realize the truth that there is no separation, we all belongs to this planet and the world is not complex. It’s we, the humans who make this world complex. There is nothing wrong with the planet; our planet is doing fine since four and a half billion years or more. The planet has been through many worse things but nothing has stopped the planet from revolving on its orbit, nothing has devastated the planet, neither those comets or asteroids nor those volcanoes or earthquakes. It’s we, the people who have to change, who have to wake up and realize that it’s we who have to take care of certain things, and let’s not forget it’s just a one life we live and so we should try to spend it in our own peaceful way. Never let false information influence you, or any  other social concepts that doesn’t make any sense to you. Think freely, believe on the things which make sense to you and support what you want to support.

Much love to all, Peace 🙂

Random thought

“What i have experienced is that your power of thinking gets more imaginative and precise when you are not surrounded by anyone except peace.”