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Perfect Day, It Was!

It has been drizzling here in Chandigarh since yesterday, and for me it’s a relief from the scorching heat. Temperature has dropped down to 26 degree Celsius, and today in the morning while I was standing on my balcony looking at the falling rain drops, I felt like to get into the hills just for enjoying the weather and the day, it was just a random urge. So I called up a friend to accompany me, picked up the key of my vehicle, and started to drive through the drizzle up to the hills with the music full on and the windscreen wipers in action, haha! I went up to Kasauli, a small beautiful hill station around 40 miles from my place, spent few hours there, gazed through the rain and mist to the beauty of nature, got drenched little and of course that fresh cool breeze on the face was rejuvenating, two hours of perfect nature therapy it was and then I came back to home.

Now while I’m writing this post sitting on my balcony relishing the weather, it is still drizzling here, I’m listening to music and sipping green tea, and thinking about few things. Here’s something I would like to write about what is running inside my mind :

Somewhere, I read that ‘traveling is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness’. I just do not agree with this statement, I mean, then how about “those” rich people who travels all around the world and are full of prejudice and are still with narrow-minds. This statement doesn’t make sense to me, you can learn a lot from traveling only when you are open to exploring things, open to growth, understanding, experiencing and learning new things, and know how to appreciate or relish even little things too and yes of course, willing to put your ideas, thoughts and yourself out for judgment, and not getting negatively affected by wrong judgments despite learning lesson from it if there is any to learn else leaving it behind.

Now ending up this post, and leaving you with this beautiful piece of music by Pearl Jam, I had a great day, you too enjoy and have a wonderful time ~ Vikas Sharma

The Illusion of Differences

The things we surround ourselves with can influence us to a great deal. No one is born with jealousy, prejudice, or with hatred; these are learned behaviour patterns like all others. Now think what if we keep ourselves isolated from all the people, from all the other creatures, and from all the worldly things since the time we born? Will it make us free from all these learned behaviour patterns? It may but our minds will certainly be empty. Being in isolation with everything will keep us away from the knowledge and wisdom, it won’t let our minds to evolve. Moreover, to survive we need knowledge and wisdom, not an empty mind. We learn when we consider ourselves as a part of this universe or world, part of a group or family, part of anything; we learn when we exchange our thoughts, information, experiences and words with others.

The prime reason for the negative behaviours in our selves is the differences, the illusion of differences. Instead of understanding the differences we implant some behaviour patterns in ourselves in the illusion, instead of trying to erase the differences we construct walls of more other things on the base of those differences.  It is this illusion of differences which is a reason for some unreasonable beliefs or opinions in our minds; it is in this illusion of differences the world fall divided when actually it is one.

There is a world outside the illusion of differences and to know it one have to climb up the walls of differences then only one can realize how amazingly we all thrive on a plant in this amazing universe, and then only we will realize we don’t have to do some of the things which we do under the influence of the illusion of differences. Our efforts should be to keep ourselves at bay from the illusion of differences. Our efforts should be to educate our minds as much as possible to become the change we want to see in our surroundings, we are all surrounding of somebody else and you know surrounding has influence.

Have a good day/night ~ Vikas Sharma

Illusion of Differences - Vikas Sharma(Expand the Horizon)

Image Credit: NASA