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Do You Truly Know Them?

No matter what, you will never actually understand someone’s pain, until you are the one feeling it or until you truly know them. Until you have gone through it, understand it as it is or feel it, you have no clue how hard it is. I’ve seen lots of people who just judge others without knowing about them and think they know it all, and then end up making all false opinions in their mind about others. Don’t judge people before you truly know them, because behind every person, there is always a reason why they are the way they are. Ask yourself first before judging others, do you know what they are going through? Do you truly know them?

Uncertainty Exists in the Nature

It’s been a long time since I’ve published any post here in this space, and the reason is I’ve been working on few of the things which are taking up my most of the time, and meanwhile, I’ve been caught up in few of the more things which I’m still trying to sort out. Sometimes things can be so blur that you don’t have any exact idea where you are heading after all your attempts to tread on a path to search another one or to make a space and base for the formation of bridge between the ends of one to the starting of another. Sometimes things can turn out in such a way that you wonder and think: would it have been better if you did those things which you felt needless at that moment? Uncertainty exists in the nature and there are always possibilities of anything, and nevertheless rationally you can find the answers or perhaps just with an open mind. In a nutshell, I’m enjoying my ride with all the ups and downs, and I know things are bound to get better if I keep on moving to make them much better.

Much love ~ Vikas Sharma


When you realize and understand how things actually are, you would feel much more comfortable with all the things around you, with all the things in this whole world, or with all the things in this whole universe, because as of now you know the fact that there is a reason behind everything. Yes! I do believe there lies reason behind everything, and if you want to change, modify or abolish something then you have to understand the reason first, you have to resolve the reason first. In a nutshell, there lies a solution in the reason itself.

and The Reason is Here – The Universe and Connection

How we are all interconnected?This post is just a brief explanation of my last post. The post where I’ve written “The universe is full of wisdom and if you try to learn about it a little, if you try to understand about it a little then at some point it will teach you how we all are connected with each other and with all the things. In the period you try to understand about the universe, you will suddenly realize how a single perception, how a single conception plays a role in the humans life.”

There are reasons why I’ve written that and if you really want to know the reasons behind it then read the following things.
I’m just trying to explain it as briefly as I can. So, here’s it:

How can you say that we are made up of atoms? The answer to this question is not much difficult. We know that cells are made up of molecules, molecules are made up of atoms; humans and all the beings are made of cells and hence, we are made of various molecules and atoms. Now from where did these atom come from and how were they made? The answer to these questions lies in the creation of the universe. Long ago when the universe formed, at that time subatomic particles assembled into atoms and they formed hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen, the first element ever formed in the universe, the simplest type of atom. After that as the universe aged other elements were also created and that’s why it is said that every element on earth, except for the lightest was created in the some massive stars.

Now, we can say that every element in the periodic table aside from hydrogen is essentially a stardust as hydrogen is a big bang dust. So, lets see how much we are made up of stardust, and to know that we have to exclude hydrogen as it’s a big bang dust not a stardust.

Our body is composed of billions of billion atoms and in all these atoms some of them are hydrogen. Most of the hydrogen in our body floats around in the form of water and water usually makes up 55%-78%(approx.) of the human body and hydrogen only accounts for 11% of that water mass and from this, we can say that 92.5-93.7%(approx.) of the mass in our body is stardust. Hence, we are all made up of stardust and if you include hydrogen too then we are all made up of atoms, which were created in the universe long ago. Calcium in our bones, Iron in our blood, all were created in some massive stars!

However, I’m well aware of the fact that the truth can be a lot different from the theories, physics, philosophies, facts, understanding or everything and it can be a lot crazier and astonishing than we can even imagine. But so far, this is what I think about us and the universe, this is what I’ve learned and it fits into my understanding.