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Shadows on the Wall

​They judge me negatively,

because they do not understand me.

They judge me positively,

because they see a part of themselves within me.

They think they know me,

because they can observe me.

They think that they see me,

because they have eyes.

Yet all they see is shadows on the wall. 

And all they remember is an illusion of the past.

How they choose to judge me,

shows their own reflection.

For a light casts no shadow,

till an object reflects its own brilliance.

Mirror, It’s Just Me!

A ride with my thoughts,
A moment in my head,
An exploration in the mirror,
It’s just one of those day.
Standing in front of mirror,
strange! I see a perpetual reflection,
then another gaze in the curiosity,
as the image is getting more perplex.
Heap of questions in my mind,
hitting my perception,
as I wonder,
what if one day we all wake up,
what if one day we all realize,
the truth,
the truth we haven’t even imagined in our widest imagination,
the truth we haven’t even dreamed in our widest dream,
Questions, and all the things,
Yes! The things are shaking up my reflection,
Reflection in the mirror,
Mirror, it’s the surrounding
Mirror, it’s the world I live in
Mirror, it’s my thoughts.
Mirror, it’s just me!
Mirror, it’s within my mind.

-Keep exploring, as we are all explorers! ~ Vikas sharma