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Over The Hills And Far Away!

Just imagine how it feels to be on the mountains and breathing cool healthy fresh air and all you can feel is the peaceful environment all around you.

At your farthest sight all you can see is mountains covered with dense Pine and Deodar forests, snow-clad mountain ranges visible at some distance, numerous streams all over the places, attractive peaceful surroundings, clouds floating over the hills and the feel of cool gentle breeze on your face.

palampur (expand the horizon) 6

This is clicked in Palampur

It’s just wonderful to spend some time in a town full of life and yet peaceful, isn’t it? haha! I always feel there is something in this part of the world which can’t be explained in the words, something which can’t be expressed with the word, something which one can only feel if they spend some time in such relaxing¬† and refreshing places.