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Food For Thought #10

From silence, came thought,
from thought, came ego,
and from ego, came speech.
So if speech is effective,
how much more so must be its source?” – Ramana Maharshi

You know, in the case of most of us, the mind is noisy, everlastingly chattering to itself, soliloquizing or chattering about something or trying to talk to itself to convince itself of something; it is always moving, noisy. And from that noise, we act. Any action born of noise produces more noise, more confusion.

But if you have observed and learned what it means to communicate, the difficulty of communication, the non-verbalization of the mind — that is, that communicates and receives communication — then, as life is a movement, you will, in your action, move on naturally, freely, easily, without any effort, to that state of communion. And in that state of communion, if you inquire more deeply, you will find that you are not only in communion with nature, with the world, with everything about you, but also in communion with yourself. – Jiddu Krishnamurti

Conquering Yourself

When you tread on the paths in the mountains, when you walk in the woods ingrained with silence, when you gaze to the mountains covered with snow, when you are in between the trees, trees standing tall with pride as if they owns the mountain, mountain in which their roots cuddle the soil, when you sit by near a calm waterfall under a moon light, when you listen to the proud roar of river flowing in the valley then it will generate some precious thoughts in your head, just try to watch inside yourself. Traveling in the mountains is one of those things where it’s between you and the mountains. There will be no one to cheer you up to climb it, it has nothing to do with the fame and the name and it’s not about running from the things. It’s about conquering yourself.

Have a Good Day/Night Friends ~ Vikas Sharma

In The Blankness

Sometimes, I just like to stare into the blankness, into the voidness of the world. There are treasures, the treasures of wisdom or knowledge in the voidness which can be discovered, learned or grabbed by focusing into the voidness or by maintaining the focus in the voidness. In the blankness I don’t feel bizarre, In the blankness I don’t loose the tranquility of my mind,  all the thoughts inside my mind doesn’t create any hollowed reflection in the blankness. When there is peace or harmony in the mind then a man doesn’t loose his path in the blankness. Blankness is for to explore the paths, blankness is for to discover the unknown, blankness is for to clear the perception. When I stare into the voidness, it’s just like the pieces of my thoughts know where they have to place themselves to maintain the tranquility of mind. When there is an inner feel of silence and when a man can feel the voidness of the world, only then a man can discover the secrets present in the blankness.

Much Love to All – Vikas Sharma