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Freedom in context of Socioeconomic System

With this short post, I’m just trying to express my view on freedom in context of the present Socioeconomic System.

Freedom! What do you think about it? Are we really free? Do we live in a free world, in free society? I think, it depends on in which context we are looking for being free or defining freedom. One freedom lies within you, within us and other is the freedom of the world we live in, there are many other aspects of freedom or being free. Are we really living in a free world? In the context of this socioeconomic system, freedom is a false term, it’s a fallacy. Freedom! This word is widely used in our society to make us think that we are free, whereas in reality, we have to confine ourselves to look normal and sane as per our society, we have to act within defined set of rules and customs, we are only as free as far as our purchasing power and capability reaches, we are only as free as far as our government or authorities allow us to be. It’s a false terminology when we look it in the context of this socioeconomic system.

Actually, this topic is deeper and broader, there are too many aspects and we all have our own way to interpret how we look at the freedom. But again I would like to say that in this post I’m just talking about freedom in the context of this socioeconomic system. Ending up this post with this that what I believe and think is freedom in this socioeconomic system can’t be enforced but can be developed by eradicating things which are unnecessary obstacles and narrowing the horizons of freedom.  A person with a free mind, a person who overcome fear, a person with no hate, a person with empathy can feel freedom within but freedom is more than this. Is there any absolute freedom? I leave you with this question, you’re free to ponder on it 🙂

P S: I’m aware and know freedom is deeper topic to dig, and I’m not writing all about it in this post. You’re welcomed to add up more!

Have a Good/ Night Friends ~ Vikas Sharma