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Zoji La and Entrance to Ladakh – Snapshot from my Travels #Part 3

24 Kms(around 15 miles) from Sonamarg and you would be on the world’s most treacherous mountain pass ‘Zoji La’ which is located on the Srinagar-Leh Indian National Highway 1D in the western section of the Himalayas mountain range. The Zoji La connects Kashmir with the district of Ladakh of Indian State – Jammu & Kashmir, the place is such a unique combination of nature’s beauty and its destructive strength, the place has breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains and one has to experience it to know how it feels to be there, and for me it is such an awesome experience to be there. The snow all over the huge mountains, the frozen river, the carved out snow to make roads, everything about this place is just beautiful and beyond words. The taxi in which I was traveling was going in between ice walls on two sides of a narrow road. For me, it indeed has been one of the most amazing trips till date.

Sharing some snapshots from my travels to this amazingly beautiful place:


Location: Few miles ahead Zoji La, starting of Ladakh


Location: Somewhere around Zoji La


Location: Somewhere around Zoji La


Location: Somewhere around Zoji La


Location: Somewhere around Zoji La


Location: Zoji La (Kashmir)

PS: I’m not a photographer and just used my phone to capture the beauty of this place.

Sonamarg (Kashmir) – Snapshot from my Travels #Part 2

Sonamarg which means ‘meadow of gold’ is a hill station situated at an altitude of 2800m in Ganderbal district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, and from here Zoji La Pass is around 24 Km ahead which is one of the highest passes for road transport. It’s a beautiful place where you find yourself amidst snow clad mountains, enchanting natural beauty, greenery and glaciers, the beauty is just ethereal. The moment I reached Sonamarg, I was swept away by the view, though I had no time to stroll around the place but still tried to capture few snapshots of this beautiful place.


Location: Few miles from Sonamarg Image Credit: Vikas Sharma


Location: Sonamarg


Location: Sonamarg


Location: Sonamarg


Location: Sonamarg

For all those adventure loving people who wish to enjoy camping at a hill station, it’s one of the ideal destinations. Situated at a distance of 80 KM from Srinagar, on the Srinagar-Ladakh road, the drive to this place is through the Sindh Valley which presents spectacular facet of countryside in Kashmir.