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I was just wondering…

                                     I was just wondering how one can live his life to the fullest and this made me to put this blog in front of you all. There are many things which we can do to live our life to the fullest, why settle for anything less if you deserve something better? We all deserve the best! And to get the best out of our life, we all should keep developing ourselves. Try to find pleasure in everything around you, it’s a beautiful world if you know there to look. Love every bit of your life to the fullest whether it is pleasant or not as it belongs to you, somehow you are the man who is responsible for creating all these moment around you! Always relish in the little moments because these little moments make your life complete.  Spending time with your family and friends! Snuggling under warm covers on a  rainy day! Ice cream on a hot day! A kiss with your loved one! A walk by the park! The gentle breeze on your face! Sometimes, getting drenched in the rain! Quiet, alone time! Calling someone after a long time. Feel all these little moments. And if possible, try new things! What’s something you would normally not do? Get out of your comfort zone, try something different. It can be something simple like instantly planing to visit a place with your friends, taking a new route, any surprise to your friends or to your family members, trying a new food item which you have never tried, picking up a new interest or hobby. There are many things; you can try something bigger, like studying a different field, traveling to a place you have never thought to visit, exploring any unknown place. You know, there is a lot to explore, there is a lot to learn and experience.
As Steve Jobs said  ~ “Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living the result of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinion drown your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”
                                     Life is too short to do anything else you don’t like. Sometimes, situation doesn’t favor us to do the things we love to do but never give up easily. Try to do the things you love because who knows maybe someday you will get what you want! We all have certain things in our life which gives us fulfillment and happiness, try to spend time on those things. Never stop learning from your surrounding, there is something to learn from everything you see, hear and experience. This includes everything like your mistakes, misconceptions or anything you did wrong in your past, i mean if any! Then learn from all these things and surely it will going to make you better person than you were in past. I think, nobody is perfect and practice can’t make anybody perfect but practice is one of the thing which makes you better and more better. So, never stop practicing to become a better person. There is one more thing which can help you to become a better person and that is criticism. Try to learn from criticism and be open to criticism but don’t be affected by it. Criticism is meant to help you be a better person. There are many things which can contribute to our betterment. And If there’s anything you don’t like about someone, say it to him in the face or otherwise, don’t say it at all. Backbiting is not a nice thing to do. We are human beings and there are lots of things which we face in our day to day life, try to understand and feel another person’s feelings! Try to be empathetic. If everyone only see life from his own perspective, we’ll forever be close-minded and insular. See things from others’ shoes. Be a compassionate person! Show compassion and kindness to everyone around you.
As said by Dalai Lama ~ “Compassion is something really worthwhile. It is not just a religious or spiritual subject, not a matter of ideology. It is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Compassion and love are precious things in life. They are not complicated: they are simple, but difficult to practice.”

                                   I must want to say this that without creativity and art earth would be just dull. Fall into any kind of art. Art can make our life more bearable, art is a way to grow our soul and art can teach you many things about the life. And creativity is one of the important thing which makes us superior than other living beings on our planet. Creativity makes our life different. So, focus on creation! Think about what you can bring to the world, and try to create that! There will be a lot of people you will be going to appreciate your creativity and art. Bring changes in yourself, we live in a world where we have so many things to do, there are so many taboos in our society, there are many things we want to change in the world. As in a simple words, if you want a change then be the change. The only person you can change is yourself! Stop expecting others to behave in a certain way. Rather than demand that others around you change, focus on changing yourself.
                                Let the people who’ve touched you know of your gratitude towards them, so express gratitude. If you don’t tell them, they’ll  never know; expressing gratitude makes a positive connection. Let loose and have fun! hanging out with your friends or your family! Sing at the top of your lungs! Dance in the rain! Watching movie with your beloved one! Sometimes, breaking your limits! Getting into nature and feel it! Smile more. Are you reading this with a straight face? Smile and have fun. It’s only through being the best we can live our life to the fullest! Love yourself, you are the person who have to live with you for the rest with your life. Treasure and love yourself!  Love others,  be grateful for all the people around you because they help you to grow. They enrich your life experience. At last I want to say, Love life, living a life is fascinating experience; and I believe our life should be composed of these five things: Live, Explore, Learn, Create and Share!
Always Remember: If life is hard, so live it hard and enjoy it to the fullest!