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Temporary Escape

In an overwhelming stressful situation when things seem difficult to handle at that very moment sometimes temporary escapes can break things up in a good way; temporary escapes like going out for a movie with a friend, like a conversation with your best buddy or a day out with your friends or family leaving the stressful thing aside to deal with it later, but it is only a temporary escape as all those chaos from which you are trying to escape will always come back if the chaos was real. Sometimes it is temporary escape during which we realize whether the stress is real or it is unnecessary, and if it is for real then too temporary escape could give us a time to armor ourselves with more positive energy to deal with the things in a better or stronger way.

Temporary escape is like a pressure release valve, you can use it to release a tiny bit of pressure for a short time, and during that time you can calm your mind, regain more positive energy, analyze things and introspect to figure out the best possible way to overcome it, to win over it.


Cheers ~ Vikas Sharma