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Someone Out There!

Sometimes back in the past, I used to wonder, I used to think that was I the strangest person in the world? Was it just me who feels and thinks in that particular way? On my way towards the expansion of horizons I realized that possibly there can be many people in the world with the same things in the mind. We all have our own reality, we are humans with different perceptions and with different opinions, and perhaps, there can be someone or many people just like you or just like me who feels and who thinks the way you think or the way I think. I believe in few little things, and in those few little things I believe there can be someone out there who is thinking of a person just like me and if you are that person out there reading this then yes, it’s true I’m here, and I’m just as strange as you.

Have a Good Day  – Vikas Sharma

Electronic Telepathy

There is possibility that a technology which can make texting by just thinking will be available in future. In coming decades, there will be mobile phones, computers, laptops and other electronics devices which can have this feature. All theses devices can be connected to a sensor-mounted headset. Whenever we think something in our mind, some brain waves are generated in our mind, and a sensor-mounted headset will utilize these brain waves. With the help of technology, it can be possible to transform these generated brain waves in the human mind into text. This sensor-mounted headset will convert the brain waves into digital signals by using brain-machine interface technology, and then these digital signal can be displayed on the screen in the form of text. All in all, it will make humans capable of texting by just thinking like an electronic telepathy.
Probably, in future you will be able to write a blog just by thinking. All you have to do is just have these sensor-mounted headset and then sit and relax, and then start thinking about the things in your mind, it will itself write what’s all there in your mind. Though it will take time to come into reality, perhaps a decade or more but this technology is a promising one, and will be useful and helpful in many ways.

Have a Good Day Readers 🙂

-Vikas Sharma

State of Equilibrium

A mind shaped by new ideas, experiences, wisdom, perspectives or by new understandings cannot back to its previous state if all of these makes perfect sense with the thinking of a man. It’s all about attaining a state of equilibrium in the mind, and once it is attained a mind cannot go back to its previous state.
– Vikas Sharma

Random Thought

It’s the path we tread, it’s the path we choose which shapes our thinking, our reality, and our perception. So we must always be prepared to switch one path for a greater one.

Descendant of Stars

We are not separate from the Universe, it’s within all of us, we are linked to it and everything which has existence belongs to the Universe. In the silence of night, have a look at the clear sky, look at those celestial bodies in the Universe sparkling like a diamond, see with the perception of interconnectedness, or see through the eyes of wonders, or see with an enlightened attitude. We are linked to those celestial bodies, we made up of the star dust, we all have connection with the stars, and we are the descendant of stars.

We all are made up of matter present in the universe, we are all interconnected to each other, and everything you do right now can affects someone. Our thinking, words, posture, attitude, everything ripples outward and can affect others. Our body, our thoughts, our brain, our emotions, our consciousness are inextricably linked with the matter in the universe, and with the other humans on our very own planet.

Once we understand or realize what is happening, and how it’s happening we become awaken and realizes how to live our life. I believe life should not be spend in search of happiness as happiness comes along with awakenings. The more awake we become, the more we realize the reality, the more we feel the life, and therefore, the more happiness prevails inside us. So, we don’t need any kind of magical power to transform or change our world. We have all of the power and energy we need inside ourselves already, we just have to discover it, we just have to understand it, we just have to realize and feel it.

Lots of love

Vikas Sharma

Random thought

“What i have experienced is that your power of thinking gets more imaginative and precise when you are not surrounded by anyone except peace.”