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Fear and its Irrationality

I think some of our problems are rooted in fear, and most of the fears are irrational and made up by our thoughts. Usually, we tend to run away from fears, causing fear to be entrenched deeper and deeper.
Question is, is it possible to find the root and cause of fear and its irritionality? Perhaps yes, by not running away from the fear, but taking it head-on, it is possible to find the root and cause of fear and its irrationality, and get rid of the fears and the resulting illusion of problems, altogether.

Beliefs and Thoughts

I think our beliefs somewhat contribute in the formation of our thoughts and actions, and hence what we believe in has greater chance to take place because we consciously or unconsciously will tend to materialize what all we belief in. If one believes in perpetual war and thinks that mankind is doomed for perpetual war, and believes that conflict is necessary for development, then there is no end to wars or conflicts. Change in beliefs can steer change in thoughts or it can be said the other way round.

Midnight Thoughts #3

Love is a state of being, and when you are out of that state, it becomes an object of discussion.

Midnight Thoughts #2

You don’t have to like everything what other people like. Our differences in perspective, and preference, increase our creative potential as a species.

Midnight Thoughts #1

Perfection is an ideal, not a reality. Talking about something being perfect is actually talking about limits or framework; change the limits or framework, and perfection changes. Absolute perfection is a myth; it is simply the ideal of what seems to be true to us at the moment. To say someone out there is perfect is a lie but there is truth to say someone out there is perfect for you because you are not perfect, limits and our mind’s framework defines perfection for us.

Force in Equilibrium

The more I look at the deceptive side of this world,

The more whirling chaos rise up inside my mind led by unrest,

Listening several incoherent gloomy whispering voices all at once,

It crumbles my peace of mind with all its full thrust,

All these voices wrap around my mind and seep deep into my soul,

Standing on the edge of serenity in the corridor full of echoes I feel lost,

Segregating from the deeply deceived lost world and all its colors,

I try to escape my soul from the fractured thoughts and all its horrors,

Everything falls normal as when I look at the unexaggerated side,

And unhitch myself from being a part of the delusion or facade,

I find it better to be in solitude and now a lone walk brings up more tranquility,

From here now it doesn’t even matter whether the path is clear or misty,

Now I learned the way to ignore those incoherent gloomy whispering voices,

I feel calm to sit beside my thoughts, gaze into the sky as winds blow across my face,

Now there are no more fractured thoughts, no moments of internal riots.

~ Vikas Sharma

Food for Thought #1

When we are so hooked up in our beliefs, our ways of thinking, and our habits, we can’t seem to see or do anything outside of our comfort zone. When our views and habits are so rigid, inflexible, and hard to break, it seems like changing of anything is impossible or impractical, and having a better society or anything other would seem impractical too.

But here the question is – how to see beyond this line of impracticality?

Letting ourselves to figure out delusion and reality would be good but then we are so deeply conditioned by our environment, which consists of culture, education, belief systems and societal constructs ranging from gender ideas to assumptions on human nature. Our entire economic doctrines are built under the assumption that humans are inherently selfish or greedy. So how are we to make sense of what is real, what is practical, what is possible when our entire environment is built on layers of beliefs?

First step would be to let our thoughts to be flexible and mind open to understand freely,  there is a reality beyond the construct of the mind and as long as we live within the confines of the ego mind we cannot conceive of a reality that is beyond what we assume is practical or impractical living, we take our sorrow and confusion to be necessary and inevitable. We don’t think beyond it, we don’t look to end it.

Our practical world today is a horror show. Not generalizing but our education hinders learning, our doctors destroy health, our media sells us lies, our food is poisoned, our resources are running scarce, there is so much poverty and destruction and we live in such a way where an elite few are prosperous while the majority beat each other over nonsensical ideals and labels.

Food for thought:

Any man who points out this madness would seem radical – change yourself and the world will change on its own.

Have a good time ~ Vikas Sharma

Until We Realize

The thing is until we realize that it is important to keep ourselves open to make changes in our conceptions, beliefs or thoughts wherever if required, we will never let ourselves to know the truth and we will keep looking and perceiving things through our misconceptions with a belief that we will get somewhere which again is a misconception. If we were seeing from truth in the first place we’d already be enlightened and would be aware about where we are leading ourselves. But to see from the truth, first we have to let go of our ego and ignorance as it doesn’t really ever let us to achieve enlightenment. With ego and ignorance within us, we try to solve an illusory problem, but truly the only thing the ego and ignorance will ever let us to find is that it is headed for nothing. When we realize our obstructions, limitations and incompleteness only then does the awakening happen and ego get demolished.

In a nutshell, it is about self-awareness which indeed is a continuous process, be in touch with your own self as discovering and understanding our own self is a continuous process.

Have a nice day ~ Vikas Sharma

Under The Benighted Sky

Under the benighted sky, I used to feel my thoughts blending making roar,

All thoughts within my mind had waged mutual consistent war

Mystify to identify what was delusion and what was real,

Causes of delusions were unclear

Steadily time kept on changing with seasons unending,

My world was spinning empty days and nothing were there to be claimed

Then I dived into an ocean of hopefulness between perplex waves to find out my aim,

Here I stand up holding an hourglass of eternity that trickles sand endlessly,

Becoming more self-conscious, letting myself to be with more stable emotions,

Chasing dreams, my ambitions go far beyond the horizons,

Now a vision dropped in, standing on the sands of time but destination still to be claimed,

As the sun vanishes and the moon gear up to take on the skies,

With a gaze to the calm eternal sky with twinkling stars my all fret flies,

Yes, I’m at peace in this kingdom of so much chaos,

As now everything unclear seems like has fallen asleep,

But a realm of myriad thoughts within my mind is awake with its peaks and streams,

As destination yet to be claimed in this pursuit to unfold all the maze of my dreams.

~ Vikas Sharma

Ignorance and Self-consciousness


This post is about what I was lately pondering upon, and my friends, I’m sharing it with every one of you keeping in mind that it’s a message to every one of us, myself included as always.

Here you go:

Life is a struggle between knowledge and ignorance, the moment we discover about our own self, about the truth of life and about our surroundings, we become more conscious about our reality by breaking the delusions and eradicating the ignorance which are ingrained within us. We reach at a different level of consciousness with better understanding of your own self, and at this level of consciousness, the choices or decisions we make are what we really want for us as it’s not the choices chosen out of ignorance and delusion.

At times, our ignorance and self-consciousness is what that can make all the difference in the choices we make, ignorance is what which at times lead us to make wrong choices. Being self-conscious is the door to conscious knowledge of oneself, it is about having a better understanding of our thoughts, behavior, feeling, beliefs, emotions, actions, personality, it is about being conscious of what we’re good at while acknowledging what we still have yet to learn, and also it helps us to understand other people too, how they comprehend us, our attitude and our responses to them in the moment, it’s a stepping stone to reinventing our own self, learning to make wiser decisions and choices, and allow us tune into our thoughts and feelings more accurately.

In the end, I would like to write that there isn’t any particular way to practice self-consciousness, everyone will meet it in different ways, you just have to keep your mind wide open; and with the time when you achieve more and more self-consciousness, your experience of life will surely expand exponentially letting you to grasp the reality.

Have a good day ~ Vikas Sharma