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Midnight Thoughts #1

Perfection is an ideal, not a reality. Talking about something being perfect is actually talking about limits or framework; change the limits or framework, and perfection changes. Absolute perfection is a myth; it is simply the ideal of what seems to be true to us at the moment. To say someone out there is perfect is a lie but there is truth to say someone out there is perfect for you because you are not perfect, limits and our mind’s framework defines perfection for us.

Random Thought

You can tell people the truth, but you cannot understand it for them.


Quote -  You can tell people the truth, but you cannot understand it for them


Sometimes the love of a stranger is the mentor we never had, and sometimes you don’t get what you desire. But then sometimes, you have to look within your own self, there are ample of things to achieve, life is not about saddening on things you failed to get, it’s about being optimistic and looking forward to achieve what all you can; and if you don’t learn to laugh at your own misfortunes it will hurt when others do. Sometimes the truth is right in front of us but we feign ignorance rather than acknowledging our faults and if in such times we’re not open to accept the truth then how can we act open the situation to take corrective measures. Sometimes all you need is some alone time to find out more about yourself.


Keep Rocking Peeps ~ Vikas Sharma

Food for Thought #2

The most common problem that we’re having with gender equality is that despite whatever popular beliefs we might have we are not created equal. Men and women each have their own genetic inclinations. Understanding the opposite genders inclinations and behaviors is actually much more fundamental to achieving an androgynous balance because it is usually much more evident of everything that we’ve been taught we are not. It’s been the goal of many religions and spiritual teachings to achieve this androgynous state of mind perhaps the most famous of these illustrations is the yin yang symbol. One of the major things that it represents is the balance of masculine and feminine energies. It would be too much of a coincidence that these ideas somehow got lost when they are some of the most fundamental ideas to our balance and unity. It’s become quite evident that on a global scale there is a lack of unity in humanity. It is evident in the way that war is continuously waged on our mother earth and in the way that we ravage a physical earth for an imaginary economy.

It is not until the last tree has fallen and the last River has run dry that we will realize we cannot eat and drink money. We are killing ourselves and we seem to be okay enough with that to keep feeding the same system that is doing this. We as a human race lack understanding. More than gender, sex, creed, religion, race, age, or anything else we could fathom as a difference we lack understanding of the universe. Such understanding comes only through you. Understanding that you are not a man or a woman or Chinese or Indian, you’re not Christian or Muslim or Buddhist or Hindu because understanding the universe is understanding that nobody knows. Fundamentally, everything is make believe. The farther you reach in your spiritual life, the more evident the duality of intellect will become as your stupidity will be accepted in the absence of ego. The only truth in gender inequality is that we accept it because our own family and friends subject us to it and we become blind to the society created by civilization through generations and ever so easily do we blame each other and no longer are able to find the root of the injustice and smite it where it lurks. And that is the most essential cornerstone of slavery. A human being is happy serving a purpose, whether that purpose be shallow or fabricated is irrelevant because the human mind creates reality by believing and he who controls what the human believes controls the reality that the human lives in. It is ingenious that those who control these perceptions leave themselves in oblivion.

Life is Simple

Tread carefully but do not fear to speak out your mind and heart, be true to yourself and embrace the truth that emits from selfless love and project it. Inspire courage and hope in the weary of heart, and give patience and understanding to those who seek you with their mind, do not allow them to inhibit you with their fears and insecurities. Life is simple when you have love within you and your mind is at peace, and when there is love within you and your mind is at peace only then you can spread or reflect it around. It is important to rise above delusion and ignorance which are engrained into our psyche.

Smiles ~ Vikas Sharma

You Never Know

I think, most of the people don’t care for the truth, most of us just care to be happy. Sometimes it’s what you don’t do that you regret later, and sometimes it’s just best to do it. Sometimes even though you think you know better but still feel puzzled or scared about the outcome of something, at that moment let your heart lead you where your mind is scared to go. You never know what it is to be in actual until you let yourself free to lead you on the path of truth.


Path of Truth


Path is a Concept

Concepts may not always be the truth; it can be entirely different from it, what one finds acceptable may not be acceptable to other. Yet we become seduced by a concept and desire it to be true


Concepts may not always be the truth; it can be entirely different from it, what one finds acceptable may not be acceptable to other. Yet we become seduced by a concept and desire it to be true.

Concept provides order and comfort to us, it is endemic. So we invest in the concept and follow it where it leads. At some point, inevitably we just can’t bridge the gap to fully understand, so we make a leap of faith, and that is one of the things from where concept originates. This happens subconsciously of course, otherwise we wouldn’t do it. But this leap of faith can be fraudulent, and if it is fraudulent then that means we are lying to ourselves just to keep ourselves in order and comfort. Hence, truth and concept both can be at opposite ends, there is no predefined path to truth, path is a concept. What I feel is, it seems impossible to grasp absolute truth, and perhaps the only freedom we have is to just see the limitations of self, to observe the fraud being committed repeatedly.


Vikas Sharma

Love #1

Love is an unconditional dedication of acceptance and understanding; it’s your greatest strength in times of darkness. The problems we most commonly face lie in the crevices of our perception. We only deserve the love that we give but when it is taken as we deserve that love which we give then it becomes a source of disillusionment; love has no expectation, it has no winners, only the saviors.

Do not mistake your obsessions with love; do not blame your insecurities and high hopes on others. The truth is, in this day and age most people will spend most of their lives not understanding love.

Have a Good Time ~ Vikas Sharma

Until We Realize

The thing is until we realize that it is important to keep ourselves open to make changes in our conceptions, beliefs or thoughts wherever if required, we will never let ourselves to know the truth and we will keep looking and perceiving things through our misconceptions with a belief that we will get somewhere which again is a misconception. If we were seeing from truth in the first place we’d already be enlightened and would be aware about where we are leading ourselves. But to see from the truth, first we have to let go of our ego and ignorance as it doesn’t really ever let us to achieve enlightenment. With ego and ignorance within us, we try to solve an illusory problem, but truly the only thing the ego and ignorance will ever let us to find is that it is headed for nothing. When we realize our obstructions, limitations and incompleteness only then does the awakening happen and ego get demolished.

In a nutshell, it is about self-awareness which indeed is a continuous process, be in touch with your own self as discovering and understanding our own self is a continuous process.

Have a nice day ~ Vikas Sharma

Ignorance and Self-consciousness


This post is about what I was lately pondering upon, and my friends, I’m sharing it with every one of you keeping in mind that it’s a message to every one of us, myself included as always.

Here you go:

Life is a struggle between knowledge and ignorance, the moment we discover about our own self, about the truth of life and about our surroundings, we become more conscious about our reality by breaking the delusions and eradicating the ignorance which are ingrained within us. We reach at a different level of consciousness with better understanding of your own self, and at this level of consciousness, the choices or decisions we make are what we really want for us as it’s not the choices chosen out of ignorance and delusion.

At times, our ignorance and self-consciousness is what that can make all the difference in the choices we make, ignorance is what which at times lead us to make wrong choices. Being self-conscious is the door to conscious knowledge of oneself, it is about having a better understanding of our thoughts, behavior, feeling, beliefs, emotions, actions, personality, it is about being conscious of what we’re good at while acknowledging what we still have yet to learn, and also it helps us to understand other people too, how they comprehend us, our attitude and our responses to them in the moment, it’s a stepping stone to reinventing our own self, learning to make wiser decisions and choices, and allow us tune into our thoughts and feelings more accurately.

In the end, I would like to write that there isn’t any particular way to practice self-consciousness, everyone will meet it in different ways, you just have to keep your mind wide open; and with the time when you achieve more and more self-consciousness, your experience of life will surely expand exponentially letting you to grasp the reality.

Have a good day ~ Vikas Sharma