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Propaganda or Truth

Sometimes, when I look up or listen to the news, I just feel how easily lie is being feed to us to deceive us or to make us think the way they want us to think; by they I mean those with powers with their some vested interest. We have to be aware and should not believe easily in everything we hear on the news media outlets on TV or read on the papers.

It’s easy to influence people through these medium, or to use it as a propaganda machine by those with powers. Whatsoever it is, actually it’s up to us whether we want to believe or not on everything they tell us without even thinking or looking at its other side. Those with powers or those with their some vested interests may exploit every possible way, every event or every national tragedy to deceive people and to promote fear. They may not show you the other side; they may show you the only face they want you to believe to be true. Not everything you hear, see or read there is truth, and in a same way not everything you hear, see or read there is propaganda or lie. All we have to do is keep our mind open and use our own understanding.

Have a good day/night friends – Vikas Sharma

React to What You Observe

Sometimes you may find yourself all surrounded by people who pretend to be something else, people wearing faces over face or some maybe most of the time surrounded by them, by these pretenders or by these people with masks. They obviously have some reasons to act like that; there is a reason behind everything. I believe at some point in our life we all do it for some different reasons. But it’s not at all needed to wear different faces over face when you know how to observe yourself first and then others, and when you learn to observe things, you will be real you, a person with a real face. React to what you observe, not to just what is visible or audible because sometimes truth is beyond what we are watching and hearing.

Have a good day/night friends~ Vikas Sharma

Mind is Like a Door

Our mind is like a door and to perceive the reality or the truth it has to be opened. A closed mind is a home for illusions, illusions which are powerful enough to blind us until we open our doors of mind. We see, feel and experience things through our mind and senses and from our own unique perspective and perception but to see, feel and experience the things as they are we have to free ourselves from illusions which are ingrained into our psyche.

Freeing ourselves from illusions and then knowing, learning and seeing the truth can change us completely, it can change the way we behave and react. It will generate positivity within us, you will feel more calmness and contentment, you will realize there are things which you don’t have to do, you will feel the interconnection and how beautiful the universe is, it will bring more clarity in the mind.

At one point you would feel or realize that you don’t have to understand every detail of life, you just have to open the doors of your mind, which indeed will make everything clear and simple for you, you just have to understand the fundamental nature of life. In the end, I would like to say that in my perspective,you’re the one with an open mind when things start making sense to you, when there is equality, freedom, peace, love and understanding in your mind and thoughts. Moreover, this is only my perspective and we all have our own 🙂

Much love to all ~ Vikas Sharma

Truth is Beyond and Hidden

Things can be defined in possibly infinite ways, we may presume things differently based on what our mind and heart agrees to. The things which I find real might not be real to you, reality is individualistic. How a person sees things and perceives them is a matter of wisdom, knowledge and experiences. Universe is all about vibrations, frequencies and energies, and we all are part of it and everything is. A stone is really a stone or is just a transformation of energy in the form of stone and alignment of some billions of atoms vibrating at some frequencies at some energy levels? Actually, the thing is things are different at atomic level from what we see through our eyes.

Once Nikola Tesla said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

Everything is made up of atoms, and the same atoms vibrating at different frequencies, at different energy levels make things solid, liquid, gas or invisible. All in all, actually this leads to a conclusion that everything is same and one when we think in term of vibration, frequency and energy, vibrating at different frequencies at different energy level. State of matter is not truth, truth is beyond and hidden. Truth is beyond from what we see and feel, it’s about vibration, frequency and energy.

Much love ~ Vikas Sharma

Free to Think and Learn

What I feel is to know about reality or truth first you have to detach yourself from all the attachments which are limiting your horizon of learning and critical thinking. The more your mind is free to think and learn, the more you will be closer to reality or truth.

Much love ~ Vikas Sharma

Mirror, It’s Just Me!

A ride with my thoughts,
A moment in my head,
An exploration in the mirror,
It’s just one of those day.
Standing in front of mirror,
strange! I see a perpetual reflection,
then another gaze in the curiosity,
as the image is getting more perplex.
Heap of questions in my mind,
hitting my perception,
as I wonder,
what if one day we all wake up,
what if one day we all realize,
the truth,
the truth we haven’t even imagined in our widest imagination,
the truth we haven’t even dreamed in our widest dream,
Questions, and all the things,
Yes! The things are shaking up my reflection,
Reflection in the mirror,
Mirror, it’s the surrounding
Mirror, it’s the world I live in
Mirror, it’s my thoughts.
Mirror, it’s just me!
Mirror, it’s within my mind.

-Keep exploring, as we are all explorers! ~ Vikas sharma

A Perspective!

Everything which we believe to be real or the things we call real is made of things that can’t be regarded as real. The truth, the reality is too deeper and can be simpler than all the theories or concepts which we have created to understand the reality or to understand all the things.

Just an Opinion!

Social attitudes and cultural output exist in a constant feedback loop. The more a society glorifies ignorance, the more its cultural output reflects the ignorance, and therfore the more it embrace the lies. The more cultural output glorifies ignorance, the more a society embrace it, and therefore more truth is burned up to feed the lies. The same applies with violence, consumerism, etc. The world has been in many loops, and will be in many till the people don’t follow these decieving loops. Someone will have to break these loop, and certainly it will not be the side that makes billions from it.

One loop is the loop which exists between the media and the audience.In my opinion, journalists and artists are those who strives to expose or express important truths regardless of popularity and economic remuneration, and advertisers are those who tries to generate consensus, regardless of whether said consensus has anything to do with important issues, and based mostly on economic remuneration. In that sense, many of today’s news media outlets are really a hybrid that reflect the values of advertising while pretending to do journalism. So if society which doesn’t show any value to the artists and journalists, or a society where advertisers thrive while journalists and artists struggle, is in a loop of deception. This kind of deception will always tries to keep the truth and beauty hidden from the people by feeding them up with decorative lies.

Absolute Certainty

Absolutality - absolute certainty - by Vikas SharmaI think there is no absolute freedom, there is no absolute truth, and there is no deep reality. It is like the more freedom we have, the more we learn and the more we live our desired life; the more truth we know, the more awake and aware we become; and the more reality we realize, the less ignorance will prevail around or inside us. For me, the whole concept of the absolutality is just something of an enigma, and perhaps, it is not possible to achieve an absolute certainty of freedom, truth and reality as none of them exists in the state of an absolute certainty. In spite of all this, the state of absolutality is always imagined as something beautiful, it always looks alluring and pure, and therefore we crave for it which is great indeed as our every step towards this unreachable absolutality makes us a better human, a better person. Hence, it is logically pretty good to pursue this unreachable non-existent absolute certainty of freedom, truth and reality.

–Vikas Sharma

and The Reason is Here – The Universe and Connection

How we are all interconnected?This post is just a brief explanation of my last post. The post where I’ve written “The universe is full of wisdom and if you try to learn about it a little, if you try to understand about it a little then at some point it will teach you how we all are connected with each other and with all the things. In the period you try to understand about the universe, you will suddenly realize how a single perception, how a single conception plays a role in the humans life.”

There are reasons why I’ve written that and if you really want to know the reasons behind it then read the following things.
I’m just trying to explain it as briefly as I can. So, here’s it:

How can you say that we are made up of atoms? The answer to this question is not much difficult. We know that cells are made up of molecules, molecules are made up of atoms; humans and all the beings are made of cells and hence, we are made of various molecules and atoms. Now from where did these atom come from and how were they made? The answer to these questions lies in the creation of the universe. Long ago when the universe formed, at that time subatomic particles assembled into atoms and they formed hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen, the first element ever formed in the universe, the simplest type of atom. After that as the universe aged other elements were also created and that’s why it is said that every element on earth, except for the lightest was created in the some massive stars.

Now, we can say that every element in the periodic table aside from hydrogen is essentially a stardust as hydrogen is a big bang dust. So, lets see how much we are made up of stardust, and to know that we have to exclude hydrogen as it’s a big bang dust not a stardust.

Our body is composed of billions of billion atoms and in all these atoms some of them are hydrogen. Most of the hydrogen in our body floats around in the form of water and water usually makes up 55%-78%(approx.) of the human body and hydrogen only accounts for 11% of that water mass and from this, we can say that 92.5-93.7%(approx.) of the mass in our body is stardust. Hence, we are all made up of stardust and if you include hydrogen too then we are all made up of atoms, which were created in the universe long ago. Calcium in our bones, Iron in our blood, all were created in some massive stars!

However, I’m well aware of the fact that the truth can be a lot different from the theories, physics, philosophies, facts, understanding or everything and it can be a lot crazier and astonishing than we can even imagine. But so far, this is what I think about us and the universe, this is what I’ve learned and it fits into my understanding.