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Love #2

Love – let’s call it compassion if it’s unconditional, non judgmental and non preferential. Love – it manifest any time to anyone when selfishness drops completely and which means it’s the absence of selfishness. Love – it’s not about controlling someone, it’s about letting someone free and being comfortable, which means it should make you feel free, not like a prisoner. Love – let’s call it faithfulness, and if it is not then it is mere infatuation.


Quote - Love - lets call it compassion if it's unconditional

Love #1

Love is an unconditional dedication of acceptance and understanding; it’s your greatest strength in times of darkness. The problems we most commonly face lie in the crevices of our perception. We only deserve the love that we give but when it is taken as we deserve that love which we give then it becomes a source of disillusionment; love has no expectation, it has no winners, only the saviors.

Do not mistake your obsessions with love; do not blame your insecurities and high hopes on others. The truth is, in this day and age most people will spend most of their lives not understanding love.

Have a Good Time ~ Vikas Sharma