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Within Us!

Sukhna Lake

Few days back, I have been on the shores of this lake, the Sukhna lake. It’s not as wild as compared to the others where I’ve been to, and it doesn’t has anything much special in the sense of beauties, uniqueness or awesomeness as compared to the others where I’ve been to. The place was just a common one with nothing much special but I had a quiet pleasurable and awesome evening on its shore. To my understanding and according to my experience, I’ve felt and realized we don’t have to find some unique place to rest our my mind, we don’t have to search a place where we can explore the things around us or within us, it’s more about building a bond with the place, it’s more about connecting ourselves with the place, and it’s less about uniqueness of a place. A man can go to the most beautiful places, to the most different or awesome places, to the most adventurous or wild places but if a man doesn’t know the art of creating a bond with the things then it’s all a waste to wander from one place to the other. We won’t enjoy the things until we don’t have the bonds with the things, or until we don’t feel the bonds, or until we don’t know the art of creating the bonds with the things. It’s first about the things within us then it about the others. It’s first about our vision then about the view. It’s first about our senses then about the awesomeness. Feeling should come up from the inside first, from the mind, from the heart, from body of a man.

Keep Rocking Guys~ Vikas Sharma

If You Seek, You Will Find

Sometimes, the thing which looks beautiful can be deceiving. Sometimes, the path which looks perfect can be misleading. Sometimes, things aren’t what we or other assume about it. There is a great pride of traveling to a place where we haven’t been before, a place which is full of beauty, surprises and adventures but that doesn’t mean we have to travel all alone into the wild to make a life over there, and that’s too just because you don’t like the way society or the human’s world works. Yes! Society is crazy, but running away from it is not a solution. We don’t have to run away from it, we don’t have to live up in solitariness, in isolation; we don’t have to travel alone in the solitariness or go die in middle of nowhere just to have a fulfilled life, or just to live up a life out of this sick and crazy world.  If you’re not happy where you’re, you will not be happy anywhere. My point is what has to change is our minds; the way we think. Open your mind by seeking the truth and you will find fulfilled life. If you seek, you will find. It’s your ride on the planet earth, and only you’re in charge of it. So keep enjoying your ride, keep exploring the world, keep traveling, or keeping doing the things you like to do not just as an escape from the world, but a part of your ride on this beautiful planet.

Keep yourself safe, keep rocking! – Vikas Sharma