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There is always space to grow further; by growth here I mean personal growth. The more we grow, the more we realize there are more dimensions in which can grow further. The more we grow, the more wiser we become, the more enlightened we feel and the more wisdom we gain; it’s a never ending enlightening process. There is always growth to be had as we continue to learn more and more about our existence, our place and our purpose through experiences, knowledge, understanding and our encounter with new things on our ways.

Sometimes, at some point in our life, some of us count ourselves out from evolving and growing by placing imaginary limitations on reality or by believing we have grown up enough that there can be no further growth possible. Sometimes, we submit ourselves to rational fear, fear to change due to some reasons and then we try to defend it by calling it being a realist; it’s like sometimes we create our own rules to reality just to defend our fears and beliefs. I’m not saying there are no rules on which reality can be defined as certainly there are common rules to reality but the few so called dreamers throughout history have kept defying the rules little by little, things that were once thought impossible became possible and that will continue until oppression of consciousness occurs. This has also happened throughout history, much knowledge and awareness has been lost due to institutionalized oppression of the limitless perception we are capable of.

I find in some cases, infinity seems a difficult concept to grasp, perhaps because we are all existing consciously in a finite realm of mortal physicality where everything corrodes and comes to an end. We are told what we can do and we can’t, and that becomes intertwined into our belief system thus manifesting itself into reality, few things are so deeply ingrained into our psyche which keep on resisting our growth. Without babbling on much further my main point here is we can do more, we can grow more always. We can grow more, more than we think we can, always progress to be had, always growth to be had. Every time when we tell ourselves “this is all we can do” think again, limits will get redefined with the growth. Few people in the world break through these boundaries and achieve the impossible; they keep themselves always open to growth.

Have a good day ~ Vikas Sharma

Violence is Unintelligent

Peace is the way for progress whether of an individual or of a nation or world, peace is the future, and all violence, in whatever degree or form, is unintelligent behaviour. It is only intelligence when violence is used as a means of self-defence with no option left. Here, I am not referring to any philosophical or abstract meaning of the word ‘intelligence’. I am using intelligence in the fullest sense of that word which relates with wisdom. To me, intelligence is not limited to one’s cognitive capacities.
Intelligence to me is the complete expression of the human being in line with wisdom, which includes the mind, body and heart. Obviously, I am not using heart as an organ here. I am referring to the symbolic qualities associated frequently with the heart – qualities like compassion, empathy and so on.

Have a good/night friends ~ Vikas Sharma

Just a Perception!

Here in this post I’m writing a little about my perception again, if you like to read about others perception on life then here you go:

The world through my eyes is not necessarily the same as you perceive through your eyes. We all have our own perception about the things, and it’s just my perception that life exists on many different frequencies and vibrational levels in the universe, each level is different according to energy and collective consciousness of that level. Actually, it can be said that it’s our senses which form energy sensors that allow us to feel this life and everything within, around and beyond us. When our senses get tuned to different level of frequency and vibrational level, it changes us from inside, it changes the way we feel and see the things, it could changes everything in-return.

Moreover, I believe and think sometimes it’s our senses which over time gives us an evolutionary experience to evolve ourselves apart from our experiences, wisdom and knowledge. As per me, I find it’s just not only through experiences, wisdom and knowledge alone we discover and understand about ourselves, it could be through our senses too. We could discover and understand more about ourselves by our senses too. Again, it’s just my perception, and we all have are own.

Much Love and Keeping Rocking ~ Vikas Sharma

Another Brick in The Wall

It’s quite cold here at my place in Chandigarh, weather has been foggy and cloudy since last week so haven’t felt the warmth of the sun since then and today right now when I’m writing this post I’m traveling in the hills of Himachal somewhere, for some official reasons. I am very well aware of the fact that this kind of weather can create problems to some people, and also some people don’t like this kind of weather for some reasons. But for me, I really enjoy winters in many ways.
It’s again the same thought which struck in my mind again as I Look through the window of my bus that how we create our own reality. I mean, reality is individualistic, we create our own reality. The way I perceive the world doesn’t necessarily other would perceive the same or the way you perceive doesn’t necessarily I would perceive the same way. Our experiences, knowledge and wisdom shapes our thinking, and our collective thinking is what determines the way we look at the world. If a tree falls in a jungle, and I’m not there to notice or experience it that doesn’t mean this event doesn’t happened. Moreover, it’s easy to be an another brick in the wall and I’m trying to be not.

Much love ~ Vikas Sharma

Vibrational Frequency and Energy

With this post I’m just expressing my views like all other my previous posts, some may agree or some may not or some may not have any view on my views. So if you’re interested to read then here you go 🙂

We are all energy, and everything is. We are all spinning, moving, revolving in this giant universe with unbelievable speed. Everything is moving, revolving and vibrating; nothing rests. Everything which exists in the universe is vibrating at unique frequency, we are all vibrating energy at unique or different frequencies and our vibration attracts the energy attuned to that particular frequency, just like a radio receiver tunes in to a particular electrical radio wave vibration by using a tuned circuit that sympathetically vibrates at the same frequency. We all reflect energy to our surroundings, a mind full of knowledge and wisdom will reflect the same, and a mind full of ignorance will reflect the ignorance. But as we reflect energy so we receives it too from others, from surroundings. Be always open to stock yourself with more wisdom and knowledge by tuning yourself to a higher vibrational level, to a higher frequency of energy.

Moreover, I would like to add that with the change in our way of thinking or with the change in our perception we change our vibration to other frequency and which may change everything in response. Now one might think what if we change or lift our vibrational frequency? I would say it will change the way we perceive things. Our perception or way of thinking changes at different energy and vibrational frequencies, so by changing energy and vibrational frequency you can actually change your thoughts, actions, your reality and perception too.

Have a good day!

Vikas Sharma

Traveling Expands Mind

Traveling is one of the thing which expands mind, I’m not saying it’s the only way but it’s just one of the thing which can. Traveling is one of the way through which a person may gain new perspective and may find much about the world and about himself/herself too. Traveling will make you much flexible, opens mind to new things and will make you a better person. Traveling will help you to understand yourself more and the world too, when you tread on a trial alone you actually walk with your thoughts or when you sit by side a lake you actually sit with your thoughts and as you’re alone you will have time to work on your thoughts and to introspect more. Whereas when you travel with someone or with a group you have different experiences, actually when you travel with a person or with a group, it brings everyone closer as you share new experiences together, in both ways you will again a lot in your travels.

Best experiences are often not planned or schedule. Yes! Traveling is full of unexpected things, things which you may cherish in future, things which you never have expected to feel, see or experience, you may learn new things and more. When you travel you look at things in a different way with your own perspective, which may creates some thoughts in your mind and you will feel a wider possibility to understand things better.Yes! You may encounter with things like that or a lot of other things, some can be amazingly enlightening things. Whatever be it, good or bad you will gain experience, wisdom and moreover your experiences will make you more stronger person.

I always wish to travel more and more, to see the things or the world through different angle but at the present I travel mostly due to official reasons only, haha! I’m always up to go out for a trekking in the hills, I love to be in the nature, or to somewhere where I can explore more or can see new things and can have wonderful experiences. There is a different pleasure to get out of your comfort zone and then exploring the things or the world, and to watch and experience wonderful things which you haven’t seen before. Here I’m posting few pictures from my travels. I’m neither a photographer nor I know much about photography, I’m just sharing pictures with you all and by the way all the pictures are clicked somewhere in the hills of Himachal Pradesh 🙂

Him4 - by vikasHim1- by vikas Him2 - by vikas Him3 - by vikasKeeping Rocking, Keeping Traveling ~ Vikas Sharma


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Enlighten me more

As per my views, there are basically three kinds of traveling we do. First is when we travel alone, that is solo traveling; second is when we travel in a group or with a friend of different minds; and third is when we travel with a likeminded person or in a likeminded group. Travel in whichever way if you look with the eyes of explorer or learner you can discover a lot about yourself and the world but still there is a different pleasure in traveling in all these different ways and each has its own significance too. I would love to travel with a likeminded person or in a likeminded group as I feel I have had not experienced it fully yet, would love to do it more and more but except that I love to travel in a group or just with a friend too of different minds than being just a solo traveler, but through my experiences I felt that I learn and think more when I tread on a trail alone. Perhaps, it is because when I travel alone my mind talks to itself and conversation of a mind to itself is conversation with the universe, the universe of mind. I relish all the moments of my travels as wisdom, knowledge or life shifting good experiences can come out through any of the way and also as per my views a person can’t have as much fun as there is in traveling with a friend or in group than being solo traveler; doesn’t matter whether likeminded or not. We can learn a lot by traveling, from our traveling experiences, and differences are there to teach us more.

I believe traveling is a way to discover yourself and the world too. A person’s traveling experiences can be full of wisdom and enlightenment, and I wish to gain it more as enlightenment is an ever going process. Yes! Just give me wisdom and enlighten me more.
Peace and love to all ~ Vikas Sharma

Truth is Beyond and Hidden

Things can be defined in possibly infinite ways, we may presume things differently based on what our mind and heart agrees to. The things which I find real might not be real to you, reality is individualistic. How a person sees things and perceives them is a matter of wisdom, knowledge and experiences. Universe is all about vibrations, frequencies and energies, and we all are part of it and everything is. A stone is really a stone or is just a transformation of energy in the form of stone and alignment of some billions of atoms vibrating at some frequencies at some energy levels? Actually, the thing is things are different at atomic level from what we see through our eyes.

Once Nikola Tesla said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

Everything is made up of atoms, and the same atoms vibrating at different frequencies, at different energy levels make things solid, liquid, gas or invisible. All in all, actually this leads to a conclusion that everything is same and one when we think in term of vibration, frequency and energy, vibrating at different frequencies at different energy level. State of matter is not truth, truth is beyond and hidden. Truth is beyond from what we see and feel, it’s about vibration, frequency and energy.

Much love ~ Vikas Sharma

The Illusion of Differences

The things we surround ourselves with can influence us to a great deal. No one is born with jealousy, prejudice, or with hatred; these are learned behaviour patterns like all others. Now think what if we keep ourselves isolated from all the people, from all the other creatures, and from all the worldly things since the time we born? Will it make us free from all these learned behaviour patterns? It may but our minds will certainly be empty. Being in isolation with everything will keep us away from the knowledge and wisdom, it won’t let our minds to evolve. Moreover, to survive we need knowledge and wisdom, not an empty mind. We learn when we consider ourselves as a part of this universe or world, part of a group or family, part of anything; we learn when we exchange our thoughts, information, experiences and words with others.

The prime reason for the negative behaviours in our selves is the differences, the illusion of differences. Instead of understanding the differences we implant some behaviour patterns in ourselves in the illusion, instead of trying to erase the differences we construct walls of more other things on the base of those differences.  It is this illusion of differences which is a reason for some unreasonable beliefs or opinions in our minds; it is in this illusion of differences the world fall divided when actually it is one.

There is a world outside the illusion of differences and to know it one have to climb up the walls of differences then only one can realize how amazingly we all thrive on a plant in this amazing universe, and then only we will realize we don’t have to do some of the things which we do under the influence of the illusion of differences. Our efforts should be to keep ourselves at bay from the illusion of differences. Our efforts should be to educate our minds as much as possible to become the change we want to see in our surroundings, we are all surrounding of somebody else and you know surrounding has influence.

Have a good day/night ~ Vikas Sharma

Illusion of Differences - Vikas Sharma(Expand the Horizon)

Image Credit: NASA

Illusion Deception Enlighten

Believing blindly in something that is not true can degrade our consciousness which can drives us to a point where all the differences between illusion and possible reality fades away. Deception has been used by some to get what they want, it blinds consciousness and make the psyche paralyzed enough to not to see beyond the deceptive horizon. Through any mean or in any possible way, the web of deceit can seize our psyche and can blind us to the truth; it is intended to demolish our power of thinking and our ability of understanding. It then constructs wall all-around of us to limit us to the world of nothing but just illusions.

Awareness, knowledge and wisdom are the tools which can enlighten our psyche to keep us out of the web of deceit by strengthening our power of thinking and by raising our ability of understanding the things, it indeed open our minds and raise our consciousness. It is awareness, knowledge and wisdom which can keep the illusions at bay.  With an open mind, we should load ourselves with as much of awareness, knowledge and wisdom as we can because we reflect what there is inside us. An enlighten mind reflects enlightenment whereas a mind ingrained with illusive ideology reflects the same, the illusions. So we should reflect the same energy which we wish ourselves to be surrounded by and for those who thinks it’s cool to not give a damn to anything, let me tell you something to smash your fallacy, it’s not at all cool to not give a damn to the things which matters, it’s just your illusion.

Much love ~ Vikas Sharma

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