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Midnight Thoughts #4

There are kindness around the world which hasn’t been focused much or shared from media, but we ourselves can do our part by sharing, reflecting and bring a bit warmth and kindness around us.

Talk About Solutions

Chances are if you are complaining about people, your attitude is problem. Good people talk about solutions and accept their faults and even carry the faults of others as their own if that has anything to do with the solution. The world is lost and drifting from you because you don’t have the courage to fight the entropy and being a victim is the comfort place you call home.

Within Our Minds

When we act in a manner which is contradictory to what we feel and think, then the more chances are that we will lose the battle, whether that battle is taking place inside our own selves or in the external world, because we are disoriented, we know that we are fighting for an unjust battle, we are dividend, we are not doing it wholeheartedly and we are not doing it with full attention and certainly this will add negativity within our minds which actually increases the chance of our failure. Positive and negative forces function within our minds based on some factors, and at times, the battle goes on between these forces. These forces govern our life, and when our reason is blinded by negative forces then it become impossible for us to live peacefully in the world or it become impossible for us to be at peace with our own selves, which eventually lead us to lose our battles.

Have a good time ~ Vikas Sharma

Force in Equilibrium

The more I look at the deceptive side of this world,

The more whirling chaos rise up inside my mind led by unrest,

Listening several incoherent gloomy whispering voices all at once,

It crumbles my peace of mind with all its full thrust,

All these voices wrap around my mind and seep deep into my soul,

Standing on the edge of serenity in the corridor full of echoes I feel lost,

Segregating from the deeply deceived lost world and all its colors,

I try to escape my soul from the fractured thoughts and all its horrors,

Everything falls normal as when I look at the unexaggerated side,

And unhitch myself from being a part of the delusion or facade,

I find it better to be in solitude and now a lone walk brings up more tranquility,

From here now it doesn’t even matter whether the path is clear or misty,

Now I learned the way to ignore those incoherent gloomy whispering voices,

I feel calm to sit beside my thoughts, gaze into the sky as winds blow across my face,

Now there are no more fractured thoughts, no moments of internal riots.

~ Vikas Sharma

Food for Thought #1

When we are so hooked up in our beliefs, our ways of thinking, and our habits, we can’t seem to see or do anything outside of our comfort zone. When our views and habits are so rigid, inflexible, and hard to break, it seems like changing of anything is impossible or impractical, and having a better society or anything other would seem impractical too.

But here the question is – how to see beyond this line of impracticality?

Letting ourselves to figure out delusion and reality would be good but then we are so deeply conditioned by our environment, which consists of culture, education, belief systems and societal constructs ranging from gender ideas to assumptions on human nature. Our entire economic doctrines are built under the assumption that humans are inherently selfish or greedy. So how are we to make sense of what is real, what is practical, what is possible when our entire environment is built on layers of beliefs?

First step would be to let our thoughts to be flexible and mind open to understand freely,  there is a reality beyond the construct of the mind and as long as we live within the confines of the ego mind we cannot conceive of a reality that is beyond what we assume is practical or impractical living, we take our sorrow and confusion to be necessary and inevitable. We don’t think beyond it, we don’t look to end it.

Our practical world today is a horror show. Not generalizing but our education hinders learning, our doctors destroy health, our media sells us lies, our food is poisoned, our resources are running scarce, there is so much poverty and destruction and we live in such a way where an elite few are prosperous while the majority beat each other over nonsensical ideals and labels.

Food for thought:

Any man who points out this madness would seem radical – change yourself and the world will change on its own.

Have a good time ~ Vikas Sharma

Under The Benighted Sky

Under the benighted sky, I used to feel my thoughts blending making roar,

All thoughts within my mind had waged mutual consistent war

Mystify to identify what was delusion and what was real,

Causes of delusions were unclear

Steadily time kept on changing with seasons unending,

My world was spinning empty days and nothing were there to be claimed

Then I dived into an ocean of hopefulness between perplex waves to find out my aim,

Here I stand up holding an hourglass of eternity that trickles sand endlessly,

Becoming more self-conscious, letting myself to be with more stable emotions,

Chasing dreams, my ambitions go far beyond the horizons,

Now a vision dropped in, standing on the sands of time but destination still to be claimed,

As the sun vanishes and the moon gear up to take on the skies,

With a gaze to the calm eternal sky with twinkling stars my all fret flies,

Yes, I’m at peace in this kingdom of so much chaos,

As now everything unclear seems like has fallen asleep,

But a realm of myriad thoughts within my mind is awake with its peaks and streams,

As destination yet to be claimed in this pursuit to unfold all the maze of my dreams.

~ Vikas Sharma

Let Them Find Their Own Light

There was once a little boy who saw a butterfly starting to come out of its cocoon. He got so excited that he began to peel off the layers of the cocoon to help the butterfly come out, but to his own sadness, the butterfly died.

Sometimes when you think you are helping others by pushing them in the right direction, you may actually be hurting them. It is not your place to criticize how others live their lives. If they come to you for help, then by all means, give them your opinion and guidance, but otherwise, let them find their own light.

I think that the best way we can help someone is by uplifting them, inspiring them and motivating them by showing them the good in the world and leading by example. People aren’t going to respond to negativity and criticism. Even if your intentions are pure, you have to be mindful of how you project them.

Good Day to All ~ Vikas Sharma

Striving To Be True

Striving to be true to ourselves and the world around us, it should be possible to exist in a state of transparency, nothing to hide, unaffected and unhindered by any form of judgment and scrutiny, it should all pass right through our transparent being. If we were to feel impacted by the judgment of others, it would hit the shield we use to cover up inner shame, shame which stems from an inner lie we’ve nurtured through ego and allowed to manifest into an embarrassing or shameful affliction. Look within and set aside the ego. Transparency is a state to be consistently aimed for, liberating on the soul and is very achievable. Don’t allow reality to be defined by nurtured lies and excuses.

Peace ~ Vikas Sharma

Suffering and Comfort

Seeking suffering and seeking comfort are similar processes despite being on the opposite ends of the spectrum. You adapt to both and develop a growing tolerance to both, and the more you gain tolerance to one, the easier you get hit by the other, think about it.

By using ‘suffering’ word, I’m not referring to any illness or ailment but here by suffering I mean discomfort. The more you seek suffering and adapt to it you become stronger and the easier you come by comfort, and the more you seek comfort and adapt to it you become weaker and the easier you come by suffering. Understanding this ideology holds the key as to whether you’re on the way towards reaching your full potential by confronting the pain inducing limitations of the world or falling short by submitting to the pain inducing limitations of the world.

Much Love ~ Vikas Sharma

Perfect Day, It Was!

It has been drizzling here in Chandigarh since yesterday, and for me it’s a relief from the scorching heat. Temperature has dropped down to 26 degree Celsius, and today in the morning while I was standing on my balcony looking at the falling rain drops, I felt like to get into the hills just for enjoying the weather and the day, it was just a random urge. So I called up a friend to accompany me, picked up the key of my vehicle, and started to drive through the drizzle up to the hills with the music full on and the windscreen wipers in action, haha! I went up to Kasauli, a small beautiful hill station around 40 miles from my place, spent few hours there, gazed through the rain and mist to the beauty of nature, got drenched little and of course that fresh cool breeze on the face was rejuvenating, two hours of perfect nature therapy it was and then I came back to home.

Now while I’m writing this post sitting on my balcony relishing the weather, it is still drizzling here, I’m listening to music and sipping green tea, and thinking about few things. Here’s something I would like to write about what is running inside my mind :

Somewhere, I read that ‘traveling is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness’. I just do not agree with this statement, I mean, then how about “those” rich people who travels all around the world and are full of prejudice and are still with narrow-minds. This statement doesn’t make sense to me, you can learn a lot from traveling only when you are open to exploring things, open to growth, understanding, experiencing and learning new things, and know how to appreciate or relish even little things too and yes of course, willing to put your ideas, thoughts and yourself out for judgment, and not getting negatively affected by wrong judgments despite learning lesson from it if there is any to learn else leaving it behind.

Now ending up this post, and leaving you with this beautiful piece of music by Pearl Jam, I had a great day, you too enjoy and have a wonderful time ~ Vikas Sharma