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Responsibility, Fault, Learn

I just don’t get people’s negativity, to the point that they blame all the external factors whether it be other people or be the world around them. Things they have no control of yet let these things control their mood, thinking and reality. How is that going to help, will it?

No one is responsible for our own misery as much as we ourselves and moreover most of the time solution lies in ourselves, in our perception and in our ability to take responsibility regardless of whether or not we are at fault. Have courage, take responsibility, accept your fault if any, strive for best if you really want to and keep learning; blaming and finding others fault won’t be of any use to resolve our own personal things.

Blaming other is easy but accepting our own fault is not. Understand yourself first to be at peace with yourself, it will make you better equipped to face the world. That’s what I think to which some might agree and some might not probably due to their own reasons and experiences.

Peace and Love ~ Vikas Sharma

Peace and Love

We are merely temporary residents on the planet Earth. We are all just visitors to this place, to this time, to this planet. We are just experiencing this whole universe and the world individually as well as collectively. We are experiencing our surroundings and all other things through our senses, through our mind, and through any other mean like something which could be a human creation too. We are nothing more than a speck of dust in the universe, even the planet on which we live and thrive is nothing more than a speck of dust in the universe. We are all just a result of billions of billion years of evolution. Our evolution and as well as our capability to create things which we want, desire and need is the reason why our world keeps on changing with time, the time which indeed is a concept. We are all observers, learners, explorers, creators and of course, all these traits are naturally within us, we just have to realize it.

Our mind believes what it find acceptable or what it find understandable and therefore we may easily get caught up in illusions. It is enlightening to realize difference between illusion and reality. When we pull ourselves away from illusions, we feel and see the world differently, we feel the eternity, we feel the interconnection and with all this our physical and mental barriers get redefined. A clear perception which is detached from illusion opens up a new door to a new and clearer perspective. It’s just amazing to feel the world the way it is, it is just beautiful to realize the truth about ourselves, who really we are. We are all just a result of the evolution of the universe, we are star dust and will always remain a part of this giant universe in the form atoms even after our visit to this place, to the planet earth, we are all one mind and no reason to fight on the base of differences, even differences are illusion.

In the end, I would like to say – imagine if people all over the world are being taught this as a child and are being taught to think freely and taught to understand other without judgmental mind. Let’s not forget to live respectfully to yourself and others. Let peace, love and respect prevail all over the world, and which indeed depends on each one of us. Our actions, thoughts, or all the things which we reflect are just like vibrations which can be sensed by anyone of us or by anyone who has existence.

Peace and love ~ Vikas Sharma

Mental Journey

We all go through a continuous mental journey in our whole lifetime, and as a result of this, we are all at different levels of consciousness, awareness and development at different times. Sometimes, we come across people who may not be able to comprehend what we are saying as they might be at different levels than ours or this can be other way around but that doesn’t mean what we have said can never be heard by those at different levels. You know, sometimes someone just need a little push or a hint, and who knows that can be you. You may think and perceive things in an entirely different way than the way I think and perceive things, and at this moment when you’re reading this you might or might not agree with the words I’m writing here. I would say this is all okay, we all go through our own mental journey and we learn things in our own ways, sometimes collectively, sometimes individually, sometimes through our experiences, sometimes through other’s experiences.

I’m not here to force my thoughts on anybody or convince anybody. I’m just reflecting what all there is in my mind through words. There is no need to force anything on anyone, it all starts with us, love yourself first and get to know yourself, it’s actually an ever going process to discover ourselves. Feel the air around you as you breath in and out, feel your skin, listen to your heart beat as it pumps up life through your system, pay attention to the thoughts in your head, get out to somewhere to relax and clear your perceptions or thoughts like a walk in the park, sit alone, walk with someone, travel to some place or anything whatever you feel like to do. Feel the life and look after the energy that is flowing through your body, your action and thoughts, look at the energy you’re reflecting, as it affects you first and then others.

When you’re one with yourself and one with your thoughts, only then you can feel connected with yourself from within, and when you’re connected with yourself then let yourself connect with the world, the world outside, you would feel how wonderfully you’re a part of this whole universe. Love yourself, and then extend that love further, further to the surroundings, to the world. We have a world that is to love, a world to be learned, to be discovered, to be explored. Yes! We all go through a continuous mental journey in our lifetime and we can share a part of it with others, I’m sharing it, many have shared it and are sharing and will share.

Have a good day/night friends ~ Vikas Sharma

Sometimes, it’s good to know

Sometimes, it is good to know how others perceive you or to know what the people who know you thinks about you because that may means that’s how you reflect yourself to others, not certainly but it could mean that. We can know how we are reflecting/representing ourselves by observing and self analysing ourselves, by knowing or observing the opinion of the people or the criticism of us by the people around us, it depends on us how we take it. We just have to be confident on what we are doing and keep ourselves open to any criticism or opinion believing that it can help us to make some changes for betterment. Knowing your reputation or knowing how people perceive you can either tell you to grow greater or make some self changes, it entirely depends on how you’re observing yourself and others.

If people say I’m narcissist, then that might means I do represent myself as a narcissist human, I might be doing some activities which are representing me as a narcissist human. If people say I’m a respectable, modest and intelligent human, then that might means I present myself as a respectable, modest and intelligent human to others. It can be said that both the scenario not certainly but can be based on how I’m representing myself.

I think it’s not right to tell people to not care about what others think of you. You cannot live in this world with you and yourself only. We are humans, and we reflect what we think. So what others think about us can influence on how we live too. Our mental well-being resides on human interaction, and humans judge, we have a part of the brain called the frontal lobe for that reason. We have to evaluate whether someone is a threat or set back to our life or is a good influence. So observing yourself and others is good as it can help us to make some good changes.

I do believe that we cannot live in the world to please everybody but knowing how others perceive us can help us in our betterment. So I wouldn’t agree with the saying don’t give a shit what other think of you as sometimes we have to. In the end, it’s just about being true to yourself, to your behavior and to your world, and not everyone is going to click, we just have to be ready to make changes for betterment and life will unfold before us.

Much Love ~ Vikas Sharma

Freedom in context of Socioeconomic System

With this short post, I’m just trying to express my view on freedom in context of the present Socioeconomic System.

Freedom! What do you think about it? Are we really free? Do we live in a free world, in free society? I think, it depends on in which context we are looking for being free or defining freedom. One freedom lies within you, within us and other is the freedom of the world we live in, there are many other aspects of freedom or being free. Are we really living in a free world? In the context of this socioeconomic system, freedom is a false term, it’s a fallacy. Freedom! This word is widely used in our society to make us think that we are free, whereas in reality, we have to confine ourselves to look normal and sane as per our society, we have to act within defined set of rules and customs, we are only as free as far as our purchasing power and capability reaches, we are only as free as far as our government or authorities allow us to be. It’s a false terminology when we look it in the context of this socioeconomic system.

Actually, this topic is deeper and broader, there are too many aspects and we all have our own way to interpret how we look at the freedom. But again I would like to say that in this post I’m just talking about freedom in the context of this socioeconomic system. Ending up this post with this that what I believe and think is freedom in this socioeconomic system can’t be enforced but can be developed by eradicating things which are unnecessary obstacles and narrowing the horizons of freedom.  A person with a free mind, a person who overcome fear, a person with no hate, a person with empathy can feel freedom within but freedom is more than this. Is there any absolute freedom? I leave you with this question, you’re free to ponder on it 🙂

P S: I’m aware and know freedom is deeper topic to dig, and I’m not writing all about it in this post. You’re welcomed to add up more!

Have a Good/ Night Friends ~ Vikas Sharma

Random Thought

Just think and try to imagine, how this world would be if we all choose love over fear and hate? How this world would if we look within ourselves first?

Just a Perception!

Here in this post I’m writing a little about my perception again, if you like to read about others perception on life then here you go:

The world through my eyes is not necessarily the same as you perceive through your eyes. We all have our own perception about the things, and it’s just my perception that life exists on many different frequencies and vibrational levels in the universe, each level is different according to energy and collective consciousness of that level. Actually, it can be said that it’s our senses which form energy sensors that allow us to feel this life and everything within, around and beyond us. When our senses get tuned to different level of frequency and vibrational level, it changes us from inside, it changes the way we feel and see the things, it could changes everything in-return.

Moreover, I believe and think sometimes it’s our senses which over time gives us an evolutionary experience to evolve ourselves apart from our experiences, wisdom and knowledge. As per me, I find it’s just not only through experiences, wisdom and knowledge alone we discover and understand about ourselves, it could be through our senses too. We could discover and understand more about ourselves by our senses too. Again, it’s just my perception, and we all have are own.

Much Love and Keeping Rocking ~ Vikas Sharma

Another Brick in The Wall

It’s quite cold here at my place in Chandigarh, weather has been foggy and cloudy since last week so haven’t felt the warmth of the sun since then and today right now when I’m writing this post I’m traveling in the hills of Himachal somewhere, for some official reasons. I am very well aware of the fact that this kind of weather can create problems to some people, and also some people don’t like this kind of weather for some reasons. But for me, I really enjoy winters in many ways.
It’s again the same thought which struck in my mind again as I Look through the window of my bus that how we create our own reality. I mean, reality is individualistic, we create our own reality. The way I perceive the world doesn’t necessarily other would perceive the same or the way you perceive doesn’t necessarily I would perceive the same way. Our experiences, knowledge and wisdom shapes our thinking, and our collective thinking is what determines the way we look at the world. If a tree falls in a jungle, and I’m not there to notice or experience it that doesn’t mean this event doesn’t happened. Moreover, it’s easy to be an another brick in the wall and I’m trying to be not.

Much love ~ Vikas Sharma

Traveling Expands Mind

Traveling is one of the thing which expands mind, I’m not saying it’s the only way but it’s just one of the thing which can. Traveling is one of the way through which a person may gain new perspective and may find much about the world and about himself/herself too. Traveling will make you much flexible, opens mind to new things and will make you a better person. Traveling will help you to understand yourself more and the world too, when you tread on a trial alone you actually walk with your thoughts or when you sit by side a lake you actually sit with your thoughts and as you’re alone you will have time to work on your thoughts and to introspect more. Whereas when you travel with someone or with a group you have different experiences, actually when you travel with a person or with a group, it brings everyone closer as you share new experiences together, in both ways you will again a lot in your travels.

Best experiences are often not planned or schedule. Yes! Traveling is full of unexpected things, things which you may cherish in future, things which you never have expected to feel, see or experience, you may learn new things and more. When you travel you look at things in a different way with your own perspective, which may creates some thoughts in your mind and you will feel a wider possibility to understand things better.Yes! You may encounter with things like that or a lot of other things, some can be amazingly enlightening things. Whatever be it, good or bad you will gain experience, wisdom and moreover your experiences will make you more stronger person.

I always wish to travel more and more, to see the things or the world through different angle but at the present I travel mostly due to official reasons only, haha! I’m always up to go out for a trekking in the hills, I love to be in the nature, or to somewhere where I can explore more or can see new things and can have wonderful experiences. There is a different pleasure to get out of your comfort zone and then exploring the things or the world, and to watch and experience wonderful things which you haven’t seen before. Here I’m posting few pictures from my travels. I’m neither a photographer nor I know much about photography, I’m just sharing pictures with you all and by the way all the pictures are clicked somewhere in the hills of Himachal Pradesh 🙂

Him4 - by vikasHim1- by vikas Him2 - by vikas Him3 - by vikasKeeping Rocking, Keeping Traveling ~ Vikas Sharma


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Art, Adventure, Traveling, Exploration and Nature Connection

I believe and have experienced that we can expand our mind through art, adventure, traveling, exploration and nature connection. Every time when I travel into the nature, it opens my mind to more radical thoughts and gives me incredible sensation and joy, it gives me more positivity in my thoughts and makes me feel so serene from within. Every time when I travel into the nature, it makes me to think more peacefully and to question everything, it makes me feel that our everyday perceptions are only a tiny fraction of reality and everything is nothing with a twist.

Through art, adventure, traveling, exploration and nature connection we can expand our understanding of complicated maze that is the human and of course of the world around us too. Through any of these we may get more clear perception of the surrounding world and new possibilities to interpret it. It can broadened our views on life and can make us think in an entirely different way. I love to have adventures and love to be in the nature whenever I can be. I wish I could travel more not just into the nature but to all the places worth to see, feel and explore, haha! It’s just few things which keep me restricting from traveling most of the time else I would have been a traveler all the time, roaming around the world just to feel the rays of sun from different horizons, just to explore more, just to watch sunset and sunrise at different horizons, just to gain new experiences,  just to feel and understand the life and the world more.

Have a good day/night ~ Vikas Sharma