Create a New System

It’s better to create a new system or model instead of fighting or resisting against any kind of system which doesn’t match with your understanding. You can’t fight against a system alone, you can’t change the world alone but you can create a system, a new system or model which can replace the current system, which can change the world or the things around you. If you want to change a system then you have to create a new system, a new system or model which will be approachable by the mass, by the people, and which matches with their understandings, conditions and situations, and which looks much better than the current system in all the ways, and which will be promising, faithful and attractive to the people. If ever you tries to create a new system to replace the existing system then don’t worry for the support and motivation because when you put your energy, will and mind on the creation of such a new system or model, you will find many supportive and motivating humans on your way to the creation of this kind of new system.

So, in the end I would like to say it’s possible for a single man to replace or abolish any kind of system or model if they create a new model which is better than the current system or model and hence, in this way, it can change the whole world or the world around us.

  1. totally agree with you on this one…its funny just had a similar thought and right in this very moment you pop up in frotn of me….glad you liked my poem…read, enjoy, follow, like if you want. Have a wonderful day. franza
    Great things appear out of nothing all the time, wish you all the best for your quest!!!

  2. Thanks for your words 🙂

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