Traveling Expands Mind

Traveling is one of the thing which expands mind, I’m not saying it’s the only way but it’s just one of the thing which can. Traveling is one of the way through which a person may gain new perspective and may find much about the world and about himself/herself too. Traveling will make you much flexible, opens mind to new things and will make you a better person. Traveling will help you to understand yourself more and the world too, when you tread on a trial alone you actually walk with your thoughts or when you sit by side a lake you actually sit with your thoughts and as you’re alone you will have time to work on your thoughts and to introspect more. Whereas when you travel with someone or with a group you have different experiences, actually when you travel with a person or with a group, it brings everyone closer as you share new experiences together, in both ways you will again a lot in your travels.

Best experiences are often not planned or schedule. Yes! Traveling is full of unexpected things, things which you may cherish in future, things which you never have expected to feel, see or experience, you may learn new things and more. When you travel you look at things in a different way with your own perspective, which may creates some thoughts in your mind and you will feel a wider possibility to understand things better.Yes! You may encounter with things like that or a lot of other things, some can be amazingly enlightening things. Whatever be it, good or bad you will gain experience, wisdom and moreover your experiences will make you more stronger person.

I always wish to travel more and more, to see the things or the world through different angle but at the present I travel mostly due to official reasons only, haha! I’m always up to go out for a trekking in the hills, I love to be in the nature, or to somewhere where I can explore more or can see new things and can have wonderful experiences. There is a different pleasure to get out of your comfort zone and then exploring the things or the world, and to watch and experience wonderful things which you haven’t seen before. Here I’m posting few pictures from my travels. I’m neither a photographer nor I know much about photography, I’m just sharing pictures with you all and by the way all the pictures are clicked somewhere in the hills of Himachal Pradesh 🙂

Him4 - by vikasHim1- by vikas Him2 - by vikas Him3 - by vikasKeeping Rocking, Keeping Traveling ~ Vikas Sharma


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    • December 1st, 2014


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